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Areas of application

AiroDoctor Technology - Hospital / Clinic

Hospital / Clinic

Reduction of the spread of MRSA among visitors and patients & Reduction of odour pollution

AiroDoctor Technology - Nursing homes

Nursing homes

Containment of MRSA infections via the respiratory tract & Neutralisation of odour pollution caused by incontinence patients

AiroDoctor Technology - Pharmacy


Reduction of the risk of infection for visitors & Containment of fine dust pollution in public spaces

AiroDoctor Technology - Medical practice waiting room

Medical practice waiting room

Reduction of the risk of mutual infection through the air in the waiting room

AiroDoctor Technology - Offices


Improved concentration and healthier indoor air due to the filtering of fine dust and gases in the air & Reduction of sick leave due to lower risk of infection among each other

AiroDoctor Technology - Veterinarians


Filtering hair and mites as well as animal odours from the air

AiroDoctor Technology - Common rooms

Common rooms

Improve indoor air quality, reduce human odours and reduce the risk of infection among each other.

AiroDoctor Technology - Industry


Lower health risk for employees by filtering exhaust fumes, toxic gases and chemicals from the ambient air

AiroDoctor Technology - Private household

Private household

Reduction of pollen pollution especially for allergy sufferers & improved air quality for asthma patients