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Digital info display for schools & universities

Digital info display for schools & universities

Digital signage solutions in training / education from IAdea Germany

Make your modern campus stand out with simple and fast information channels: with efficient digital signage solutions from The convenient display of information increases attention and awareness and improves the flow of messages to recipients.

Digital signage is an advanced communication solution for all levels:
from pre-school to higher educational institutions. It allows you to deliver important announcements in minutes, welcome new students at the start of the school year, or post reminder messages for students, faculty or parents. You decide what your campus needs. Students can access school data instantly through a variety of different displays.


Entertain your students before they enter the classroom. With the solution, you can remotely address individual screens or display classroom materials, reminders and more in an instant with's crystal clear displays.

You control all your displays from a single management platform: from small door signs to larger classroom display boards.

Food for the grey cells

Digital signage solutions in training / education from IAdea Germany

Update your menu quickly and easily with the solution. Let learners know what's on the menu for the day and display special offers.

Don't forget: With you have the option to divide your displays into zones that you can use for further special announcements. Don't leave your refectory out of it!

Additional implementation options

  • History of the educational institution
  • Winners of competitions or prizes
  • Content of the educational institution's website
  • Information on enrolment and admission requirements
  • Newsflashes from around the world
  • Job advertisement for students
  • Communications and presentations by the school management
  • Safety information for students
  • Emergency announcements
  • Posts on social media

Halls and corridors

Digital signage solutions in training / education from IAdea Germany

Keep your students informed of all your school activities, announcements, safety information and more with the digital signage solution from New and visiting students can easily find their way around campus with campus maps. Encourage your students to get involved by adding moderated social media features to your displays, and make sure they're not late with a digital time display on each display. Your options are endless. You decide what's best for your school campus.