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Digital info display for waiting rooms

Digital signage for waiting rooms

Digital signage solutions in the waiting room - IAdea Deutschland GmbH

Use waiting times sensibly!

On average, patients spend almost three quarters of an hour in the waiting room before treatment or examination begins. Use this time of undivided and maximum attention to offer health-related information, treatment offers, your own core competences or non-health-related content via a monitor or flat screen.

The moving image is always the focus of interest and you can flexibly decide what is to be shown: from photos or videos, advertising films, a TV or news programme to websites, anything is possible!

Even updating content on the fly is no problem - and from anywhere you have installed the software for your devices - even mobile.

For patients who are waiting for their appointment with uneasy feelings, a monitor can be a welcome distraction. However, it makes sense to continue to provide magazines and other information material as an offer as well.

If you would like individual or further information on the digital signage devices from that we offer for the waiting room area, please contact us!

  • Entertainment plus information
  • Relaxed patients
  • Independent topicality