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Outdoor stele: digital signage for outdoor use

The use of digital signage outdoors was considered difficult for a long time. But thanks to new display technologies, the market for outdoor screens is booming! An outdoor stele offers the possibility to convey information in an appealing way - and that in wind and weather.


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Outdoor screen advertising: a real challenge

Digital signage has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The digital displays and info displays

It is only outdoors that we still rarely encounter these useful screens.

The reason for this is comparatively simple: an outdoor installation places high technical demands on the devices! In the past, this led to high costs and thus little interest among potential customers. But these times are long gone! Because a new generation of high-quality outdoor steles and other digital signage displays convinces with excellent quality at fair prices.

An outdoor screen has to master several problems: First of all, high brightness is required to offer passers-by a sharp, easy-to-read image even in strong sunlight. With the sun's rays comes heat, which can overheat and damage devices.

Furthermore, an outdoor stele obviously needs protection from rain, snow, wind or rain. Dust is also a big problem, as it can enter through the smallest of openings and damage equipment in the long run.

Finally, the expense of cabling and protecting the entire outdoor display must be considered: vandalism and theft are serious dangers that the devices must withstand.

Modern outdoor steles easily master these challenges. Our proven digital signage software is cloud-based and can therefore be managed completely centrally. The advantage of cloud-based digital signage is: that content can be changed from anywhere - even on the move. The weatherproof, dust- and heat-protected housing of the outdoor stele contains a high-quality screen with very high brightness (2000cd). This ensures that your images, videos and presentations are easy to read even in strong sunlight. The matching digital signage player is already included and the necessary software is pre-installed, so that the outdoor stele is immediately ready for operation.

Our outdoor stelae also have a touch function. This allows you to make further information accessible without sacrificing the first impression of your videos and images. Thus, the outdoor stelae can also function as a digital bulletin board, signpost or even as part of a digital admission control. Of course, you can also deactivate this function at any time, and use the attractive stelae "only" to display your content.


Buy outdoor stele: Features of a good outdoor screen

When buying an outdoor stele, there are some important points to consider. Otherwise, a screen of inferior quality or not suitable for outdoor use can give up the ghost after a short time or provide an unsatisfactory result.

  • Weather resistance is the be-all and end-all. Rain, wind, dust, heat and cold must be withstood by the outdoor stele without any problems. Especially the danger of overheating is often underestimated and has already destroyed many an outdoor monitor.
  • You should also consider the space requirements of an outdoor stele. Although the devices themselves only require a small footprint, they can interfere with walkways and present obstacles.
  • Other important features of an outdoor stele include good visibility and readability.
  • The devices should also have the widest possible viewing angle. Only then is it possible for passersby to see your content even if they are not standing directly in front of the outdoor stele.
  • A high brightness of the devices ensures that the display can be easily recognized even in strong sunlight.

You are not sure whether an outdoor pedestal fits into your concept? Or you don't know whether the outdoor monitor will withstand the weather at the location? We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities digital signage offers you and which solutions are suitable for your application. As a leading digital signage agency with over 100,000 successful installations, we know the challenges of outdoor use particularly well. Rely on the expertise of for the selection and installation of your outdoor steles:

  • The most common problem when using outdoor stelae is the maintenance of the software and hardware. Due to the exposed location of the devices, difficulties can occur again and again. Therefore, qualified support is absolutely essential. We not only advise you on the purchase and set-up, but are also available to provide help and advice during ongoing operation.
  • Our cloud software is included with all outdoor stelae and is available to you free of charge for three years. It allows you to select content in just a few simple steps. This way, even technical laymen can easily create impressive presentations, video sequences and image shows on the outdoor stelae.
  • We host our software in an ISO27001 certified data center in Germany to offer you maximum security.

We are also the perfect partner for integrating your outdoor stele into larger digital signage concepts with multiple devices, thanks to our many years of expertise.


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