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Digital Signage for Library and Library

Digital Signage for Library and Library

Digital Signage for the Library - Digital Signage for the Library

Innovative and user-friendly with the added bonus of more outdoor advertising.

Completely redesign your public spaces and turn them into an audiovisual experience - with digital media!

From innovative and intuitive wayfinding to interactive signage, libraries and libraries become more vibrant and attractive to visitors when digital signage comes into play. With a concept that is optimally tailored to the building, users not only feel they are in good hands, they also open up "their" library in a completely new way and find their way around much better.

Choose Signboards Indoor and Outdoor from for:

  • Show events
  • Routing
  • Infopoints for media search
  • Display or call up book tips
  • Daily menu of the café

If you would like individual or further information on the digital signage devices from that we offer for the waiting room area, please contact us!