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Proven: Innovative air purification renders viruses and bacteria harmless

IAdea Germany - AiroDoctor - Proven: Innovative air purification renders viruses and bacteria harmless

Effectiveness of photocatalytic filter technology against viruses and bacteria proven

Since 2016, the government research institute Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology has been developing (KICT) special photocatalytic filter systems. Based on a chemical reaction triggered by UV light, these sustainably clean indoor air with the help of released oxygen radicals by demonstrably decomposing and neutralising toxins, viruses and bacteria by 99.99%. This filter technology is now also available on the European market with the AiroDoctor.

Test results give hope

Fig. 1: Antiviral performance evaluation of photocatalytic materials using the human corona virus HCoV-OC43
Abb. 1: Antivirale Leistungsbewertung von photokatalytischen Materialien anhand des Human Corona Virus HCoV-OC43 (1)

Photocatalysis in times of corona

After the outbreak of the Corona crisis, KICT initially sent 25 of the photocatalytic filters it had developed to the megacity of Daegu and the province of Kyeongbuk, which were particularly affected by Sars-CoV-2, in order to primarily equip emergency centres with high-performance air purifiers as a first step. The South Korean Task Force for Combating Novel Viruses, a consortium of several high-level research institutes, was able to show that the filters, which had been attached to the existing room air filters, worked effectively in eliminating pathogens. The development and production of photocatalytic filters is currently being pushed forward by the KICT.

Fig. 2: Antimicrobial and antiviral performance of photocatalytic material (1)
Abb. 2: Antimikrobielle und antivirale Leistung von photokatalytischem Material (1)

AiroDoctor: Photocatalysis technology for public and private institutions

The AiroDoctor is a compact and powerful air purifier and steriliser that brings this technology to Europe for public and private facilities. It is equipped with a quadruple filter combination and uses pre-filters, activated carbon and HEPA filters as well as UV-LED photocatalysis filters to adsorb, decompose and neutralise the entire spectrum of pollutant particles, viruses, bacteria and odours up to 99.9%. This is done without harmful residues, sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way. The photocatalytic filter in the AiroDoctor is not only coated, it consists of 250 grams of solid titanium dioxide (TiO2). This makes it the only filter of its kind and, due to its large surface effect, it is particularly low-wearing and durable. One AiroDoctor is sufficient for rooms with a floor area of up to 200 square metres and is operated without the addition of ozone or chemical substances. The AiroDoctor is approved for continuous operation and is suitable for all types of facilities: Hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, retirement homes as well as kindergartens, offices and shops.

Due to its fine-pored structure, the AiroDoctor not only keeps particles of the classification PM2.5 (diameter < 0.1 µm), but also the airflow longer inside the unit. The intentionally increased retention time thus ensures a higher and more effective irradiation time of the substances to be destroyed.

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