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Logistics call system

DS Logistics call systems

Access control - yard control

The DS logistics call system relieves drivers, employees and access roads. The control of your processes begins long before the truck is in the vicinity. Time windows are optimised, truck waiting areas and buffer zones are included and allocated, information is displayed transparently for drivers and employees.

Automation and self-service at terminals save time, money and nerves. Language barriers are easily overcome and everyone involved is always up to date.

DS logistics call system - The truck call relieves drivers, employees and access roads

DS logistics call system - your advantages:

  • Coordinated feed control
  • Buffering outside (optional)
  • On-demand call
  • Multilingual terminal
  • Dynamic process optimisation in real time
  • Yard control (spaces and gates)
  • Faster truck throughput
  • Reduced standing times
  • Time stamp of all actions
  • GPS real-time data collection (optional)

We are happy to support you right from the conception stage, supply and install hardware and software and are also at your side with service and support after commissioning.

DS logistics call system. Optimised. Efficient. Effective