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IAdea Germany MBR-1100D

Small, compact and easy to install MBR-1100D wireless media player

Our MBR-1100D wireless media player is our most compact player - designed for direct HDMI installation into your screen. Despite its small size, MBR-1100D is exceptionally powerful and supports full motion HD video and smooth graphics playback. Just plug it in, configure the Wi-Fi connection, and you get a Full HD and HTML5-capable media player that can handle advanced cloud-based content. Installing the MBR-1100D is a breeze.

Possible applications of the MBR-1100D

The MBR-1100D is ideal for applications where size, convenience and cost are important. This makes it perfect for digital menus, campus signage, and smaller advertising columns. When you need a powerful player in a small space, the MBR-1100D is the one.

Great for showrooms

IAdea MBR-1100D for showrooms

Because the MBR-1100D is so compact, it is ideal for installation anywhere - even in small advertising columns. Works with WiFi and wired connections; with a USB dongle, the MBR-1100D runs on 3G/4G wireless connections. With direct onboard full HD and HTML5 playback, you can easily present dynamic content anywhere. Replace traditional printed promotional materials in the showroom with digital advertising pillars powered by the MBR-1100D to better educate your customers.

Cordless or cable?

IAdea MBR-1100D WiFi

Unlike some other players that connect directly via HDMI, we've included wired LAN access in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity for screens that require a wired connection for real-time content. For Wi-Fi installations, the MBR-1100D includes a large antenna - such a feature is not found even on competitor HDMI-connected players. This can ensure that your player will reach the network even if there is some distance to the hotspot. In tight spaces behind your screen, we have included an HDMI extension cable to allow installation anywhere behind the screen.

Like all of our players, the MBR-1100D is expandable for longer video playback time with a micro SD card that supports up to 32GB. For installations where no other network is available, you can even connect a 3G/4G network card using the two USB ports.