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IAdea Germany XMP-6250D

Extremely robust

The XMP-6250D's rugged design ensures uninterrupted performance even in the face of shock and vibration.

Extremely robust

The video will still play even if a truck drives over it!

Wide temperature range

The XMP-6250D is designed for continuous operation between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Wide temperature range

Perfect for professional and industrial applications, especially outdoors and on the road where temperature fluctuations occur regularly.

Audio digital + analog

The XMP-6250D is precisely matched with the standard 3.5mm analog audio connector and S/PDIF digital output to deliver the best audio quality for your content.

Audio digital + analog

Whether it's commercials or news, the XMP-6250D offers comprehensive audio setup options.

Robust eMMC memory, 8 GB

eMMC protects the XMP-6250D with hardware-assisted flash management and improves data durability.

Robust eMMC memory, 8 GB

In all devices from, including the XMP-6250D, the read/write cycle is optimized with a proprietary technology.

Beautiful FHD reproduction XMP-6250D

The XMP-6250D delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video and advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 playback. As with all of our players, setup is a breeze with the XMP-6250D. Connect power, network, and HDMI, and you're ready to go. Like all of our players, the XMP-6250D has no fan, but still stays cool during continuous operation because it has a built-in self-healing mechanism that keeps it working regardless of conditions. Includes a micro-SD port expandable up to 32GB for longer presentations.

Possible applications of the XMP-6250D?

The XMP-6250D is ideal for applications such as:

  • Menu boards
  • Hospitality advertisements
  • Campus signage
  • Corporate Communications

It handles any full HD application with ease. It's also great for retail applications to display digital display boards and other content.

Stay informed Germany XMP-6250D - Stay informed

Printed signs are a thing of the past. Display announcements in your financial institution with the XMP-6250D digital signage player from Generate a new opportunity from every customer visit with lively and informative content. Promote new services, or remind your customers of existing ones. Combine the XMP-6250D with a modern CMS from one of our partners to send your customers timely, content-rich messages every day.

Combine it with CMS Germany XMP-6250 CMS SignApps Express's players can be combined with some of the most advanced content management systems available on the market.

Each player includes our CMS SignApps Express, which takes care of most of the content delivery; however, if more is needed, there are workarounds on our partner's websites. We work with some of the best in the industry who have developed native apps for our players. These enterprise-level CMSs provide device management, proof-of-play, design functionality, and other advanced features you need for a project. XMP-6250D - Other features and characteristics

What else makes the XMP-6250D so great? The XMP-6250D is positioned as a mass-compatible digital signage media player and offers you all the standard features you need for your projects. Try it out today - you won't be disappointed!

Reliable feedback

Supports 1080p/30Hz video playback and open standards HTML5/ JavaScript/ CSS/ Android 7.1. Compatible with third-party software development.

Minimal maintenance effort

The XMP-6250D is designed for continuous high-performance operation and features a self-recovery mechanism and a powerful fanless cooling system for this purpose.

Content rotation

Every system integrator has customers from diverse industries. In each industry, digital signage is used differently. Switching between landscape and portrait format as well as different moods for different modes are possible with just one click! Easy switching between various orientations. Layouts with multiple zones are also available.


Touch means perception and experience. Interactive contact with customers is one of the keys to success. The XMP-6250D helps you do just that. Perfect for wayfinding, movie showtimes, product selection and an immeasurable wealth of other possibilities. Our device supports your very individual visual experience.

Less CO2 emission > PC - every day, every time! The XMP-6250D generates 6x less CO2 compared to PC solutions. Join our green initiative. Greener, cleaner and more affordable! Watch our latest demo video, and replace your PC solutions with today!