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Smart Player HD Cloud

IAdea Deutschland Smart Player HD Cloud

Extremely robust

The HD Cloud smart player's rugged design ensures uninterrupted performance even in the face of shock and vibration.

Extremely robust

The video will still play even if a truck drives over it!

Wide temperature range

The Smart Player HD Cloud is designed for continuous operation between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Wide temperature range

Perfect for professional and industrial applications, especially outdoors and on the road where temperature fluctuations occur regularly.


The Smart Player HD Cloud generates 6x less CO2 compared to PC solutions. Support our green initiative.

Less CO2 Emission

Greener. Cleaner. More affordable. Replace your PC solutions with the HD Cloud smart player today.


Interactive contact with customers is one of the keys to success. The Smart Player 4K Cloud helps you to achieve this.


Perfect for wayfinding, movie showtimes, product selection, and an immeasurable wealth of other possibilities.

Smart Player HD Cloud - Other Features and Characteristics


HD resolution * 3 years Cloud CMS, extension Euro 48/ year / device * Device license & configuration Cloud CMS "DS Channel" * Short instruction CMS, player & playlist management after purchase * Ongoing technical support via ticket system.

Amazing quality. Outstanding benefit. Dynamic content.

Content rotation is possible and audio functionality can be digital or analog.
The robust 8GB eMMC memory is already integrated and can be easily expanded.

In addition, you get a free 3-year digital signage cloud software, renewable from year 4 for Euro 48 / year / device.

Translated with (free version)

Effortless setup

Setting up the Smart Player HD Cloud couldn't be easier: just plug it in to get started. Technology knowledge is not necessary, so the overall cost of setup is reduced. You can take it off power at any time. The player is set up for 24/7 continuous operation and will automatically restart when it receives power.

Minimal maintenance effort

The HD Cloud rugged smart player is designed for 24/7 use, has a self-healing mechanism and a cooling system without fans so that minimal maintenance and maximum runtime are achieved.

Ease of use

So much power in such a small form factor. Content management of the Smart Player HD Cloud is centralized and remote. You can control the playback schedule as well as turning the display on and off at the touch of a button. Using our Cloud CMS "DS Channel" you can create scheduled playlists in minutes and distribute them to the players via the Cloud.