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Added value through sensor technology in the digital signage network

(Schwentinental, 09.07.2018) "Lift -n-Learn" from IAdea Germany, market leader in media players, smart signboards and video wall technology for digital signage, uses sensor technology to expand the range of applications for digital signage environments. Via the IAdea GPIO Extender, sensor data can be used to control media players and digital signage displays and play defined content depending on the customer's activity.

Without glasses, most people no longer recognize anything, at the latest when it comes to the ingredients of the products. The lettering is simply too small to be recognized in the artificial lighting in the stores on the mostly shiny packaging. Especially for people who are sensitive to certain ingredients or who generally reject them, this is a no-go. It would be immensely helpful if this information could be captured on a legible display directly after a simple interaction by the customer.

With "Lift-n-Learn", the digital signage specialist IAdea Germany offers such a solution, which, for example, automatically displays such information as well as many other sales-promoting notes in writing, image or video on the nearby digital signage display when a product is removed from the shelf.

Lift-n-Learn is a simple sensory extension of the digital signage infrastructure, because the modern media players and signboards from IAdea Germany have always had the ability to correspond with a variety of sensors and integrate them into the digital signage infrastructure. With Lift-n-Learn, motion sensors are integrated via IAdea GPIO Extender, which perform an action when a customer takes a product from the shelf, for example. The GPIO extender registers this action and tells the media player or signboard to play out the stored information in the designated area on the display. Since the connected display screens can be divided into different zones, for example, a video can be shown in the largest zone, the ingredients in another zone, and other helpful or sales-promoting additives in the next zone. Of course, the associated content could be further refined via menu structures and enriched with all the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web.

Moreover, the GPIO extender is not limited to motion sensors, but can integrate almost all common types of sensor technology, from common touch sensors, door sensors, button sensors to airborne sound detectors and alam systems. This results in manifold extensions for digital signage.

According to Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, managing director of IAdea Germany, there are a variety of scenarios for Lift-n-Learn from IAdea Germany. Examples include:

Drugstore/pharmacy: With Lift-n-Learn from IAdea Germany, pharmacists or owners of drugstores or healthcare stores can set new standards, for example, in terms of dietary supplements by providing information on the safety of ingredients or the mode of action. To do so, potential customers need only pick up a package and can immediately view all important product data on the digital signage display located nearby.

Mobile store: IAdea Germany's Lift-n-Learn technology makes it much easier for potential smartphone buyers to compare the multitude of offers. Integrated platform, operating system, screen size, camera resolution, etc. - users simply pick up their favorite device and can directly view the technical features and other benefits of the device on the digital signage display.

Wine shop: how to avoid inferior wine as a layman? Lift-n-Learn from IAdea Germany makes it much easier for customers to make the right decision. Information such as price, region, variety and style, through awards and ratings, to the exact presentation form or matching food can all be shown on the digital signage display - simply pick up the wine bottle and the information will appear on the digital signage display to help make the right choice.

The examples from stationary retail already show a wealth of possible uses for Lift-n-Learn and the GPIO extender. Resourceful system houses can use the possibilities of sensor technology and the GPIO extender to cover a wide range of other application scenarios, such as navigating to a specific product in a DIY store, finding one's way around a hotel complex or optimizing logistics or space problems in hospitals, and so on. And finally, the energy consumption of the devices in a digital signage network could also be significantly reduced if the devices are only "on" when they are actually needed.

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