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Beautyful Digital Signage

Models Own cosmetics brand relies on IAdea digital signage media player

Schwentinental, 19.02.2018 - Beauty and lifestyle - in hardly any other industry do aesthetics have such an extremely high priority. This was also sometimes the biggest challenge for the cosmetics brand Models Own: to combine the technology and visuals of a sales-promoting digital signage solution not only in terms of content, but also with the ambience of the store premises. Models Own chose turnkey digital signage solutions provider DMC to implement the beauty project using Signagelive's cloud-based platform, LG video walls and IAdea media players.

Models Own is a beauty brand originally founded in 2008 by Ministry of Sound's CEO and his brother. The company had promoted its product line in the past through pop-ups and store-in-store style on the sales floor of well-known brands. Continuously, Models Own has developed and expanded their brand to include lip, eye products and accessories. In late 2016, Models Own opened its first global flagship store at Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford, East London, closely followed by a second store in Trinity Leeds, and is currently Europe's fastest growing beauty brand.

In addition to the growing success of the store-within-a-store concept, Models Own wanted to improve its retail presence and expand its market share by opening a flagship store that would serve as both a "beauty playground" for customers and a new product launch pad. To do this, Models Own decided to leverage the manifold benefits of digital signage, for example, to increase customer traffic in the store with extremely strong visual experiences, and to better address the teen beauty market.

Models Own selected Digital Messaging Company (DMC), a leading provider of turnkey digital signage systems, to implement a digital signage system specifically tailored to the beauty brand's own aesthetic requirements.

To meet the beauty project's requirements, DMC relied on Signagelive's cloud-based digital signage network platform, multiple LG displays for the video walls and storefronts, and IAdea's robust media players to control the video walls and displays.

In Westfield's flagship store, the digital signage network includes ten 65-inch, high-brightness LG displays. The displays are arranged in a 5-x-1 configuration format to create two stunning video walls that run along both sides of the store entrance. In the store window, two Samsung 75-inch displays add interest.

In Leeds, the digital signage network includes six 65-inch LG displays in a 3-x-1 configuration, also as video walls on either side of the store entrance. In the store window, two 65-inch LG displays serve to "catch customers."
The video walls generate attention with presentations by makeup artists working on models, promoting new product lines and special offers. Makeup bloggers also show actual use of the products or even demonstrate them live. The visually fitted video walls on both sides of the store entrance are designed to give customers the feeling of being surrounded by on-screen entertainment, similar to a movie theater experience.

The content is delivered via the cloud-based digital signage network of IAdea partner Signagelive. DMC chose Signagelive for its cloud capabilities, technical expertise and video synchronization capabilities for high-powered video walls. The displays are controlled by IAdea media players that are pre-installed with Signagelive's cloud-based software to ensure all content displayed is seamlessly synchronized across the two video walls.

"Pre-installation for our software partners is available at our factory as well as at our European central warehouse," said Björn Christiansen, IAdea's managing director.

Video and advertising content from Models Own will be re-planned and animated by DMC as a service and then uploaded to the Signagelive platform. Signagelive provides a centralized repository for content storage and eliminates the need for on-site servers. This also allows content to be easily updated or changed with the push of a button from DMC, without the involvement of Models Own in-store staff.

Going forward, Models Own plans to maintain the strong growth of its beauty brand, of course, and back it up with more stores and "beautyful digital signage." Because according to Mark Rodol, CEO of Models Own, "The digital video walls have helped create a strong atmosphere in our stores."

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