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Customer experience in retail with digital signage

IAdea Deutschland GmbH offers modern shopping experience on site

Schwentinental, 04.09.2017 - The customer experience is of central importance in the electronic world, especially in e-commerce. This is because a large proportion of sales depend on it. The better online retailers do, the more difficult it is for brick-and-mortar retailers to do business. But with digital signage, retailers can bring the customer experience of digital media to life in their brick-and-mortar stores as well. IAdea Germany's digital signage solutions - signboards from the XDS and media players from the XMP series - can be used to create a digital journey of discovery through the stationary store, among many other benefits.

Digital signage allows successful communication with the customer at the exact moment when the target group makes its purchase decision and increases the motivation of customers to make spontaneous and additional purchases on the spot.

The advantages of digital signage solutions in retail are manifold, in addition to topicality, attention or also considerable savings in printing and labeling costs, both in the display window and in the store or at the checkout (PoS):

  • Time-triggered marketing, aligned with target group and buying behavior.
  • Effortless and fast change of offers, information or campaigns.
  • Inventory optimization by linking to the merchandise management system.
  • Integration of social media
  • Attention through animations, scenarios, curiosities, etc.
  • Extension of the stationary store by online offers.
  • Detailed product details and additional descriptions.
  • Explanations of customer loyalty programs.
  • Supplementary news or additional services.
  • Flexible integration of the whole world of WWW, etc.

IAdea Germany offers a solution for almost every application. Because the signboards in different sizes up to the video wall as well as the players from IAdea can be combined with some of the most modern content management systems and positioned almost everywhere in the store. With HTML5, the whole world and diversity of the WWW can thus be displayed in the stationary store and combined with the company's own information.

"IAdea Germany's media players and signboards generate a dynamic and engaging customer experience. With our range from the smallest displays for sales counters to robust 4K players, you can create a digital journey of discovery through your store," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany.

IAdea's entry-level model, the XMP-6250, already solves a variety of the manifold digital signage applications in brick-and-mortar retail. For example, the XMP-6250 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video as well as advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 playback. The XMP-6250 doesn't have any fans, so it doesn't disturb potential streams with its own noise. However, the XMP-6250 still remains cool even during continuous operation as it has a built-in self-healing mechanism that ensures its functionality regardless of the environmental conditions. In addition, the IAdea digital signage appliance includes a micro SD port that is expandable up to 32 GBytes for longer presentations.

IAdea's CMS "SignApps Express", already included with the players, covers most of the content delivery. In addition, custom content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. Those who have special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

The current product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards


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