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Digital door signs - for simple and efficient room booking offers complete solutions including 3 years Cloud CMS


(Hamburg, 27.03.2023) Digital door signs are an innovative and modern way to present information and manage rooms as efficiently as possible. They should not be missing in industry, gastronomy or tourism. After all, they offer companies more flexibility and make everyday life easier for many people. After all, a digital info display at the entrance door ensures that the latest information is always available.

Electronic door signs: How digital signage works

Digital door signs are a real enrichment in the often confusing everyday work and office life. Because with the help of digital signage, resources can be conserved and information can be updated quickly and easily. Instead of running from sign to sign to update the information, all it takes is the push of a button.

For digital door signs to fulfil this function, the appropriate hardware and software is required. With the help of special software solutions, you can design digital door signs or display existing company logos within a short time. Then all you have to do is release the data. The data is then transmitted via radio using a router. The basis for this is a connection via Ethernet.

What you want to use the digital signage for is of secondary importance. Only an appropriate wireless connection and the right digital signage software are necessary for the cloud-based digital signage solutions to function properly.

By the way: Digital door signs and digital notice boards are gradually replacing classic signage. You can do without paper printing. This makes digital signage solutions an indispensable tool in everyday business. Digital door signs can be easily equipped with new data. On the one hand, this saves resources and, on the other hand, makes it easier to manage the information centrally. The reason for this is that you can transfer the data in real time. Weeks of preparation are no longer necessary and make the entire process more efficient.

The advantages of digital door and name badges

Whether for room booking or for better orientation in the building: digital nameplates or doorplates can be used in almost every company. Because electronic door signs offer numerous advantages over classic signs.

  • Sustainability: Digital door signs do not require any paper or printing ink. This means that you do not produce any waste and save valuable resources.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Digital nameplates and room booking systems are significantly more cost-effective than classic signage. Despite the higher acquisition costs, the running costs are kept within reasonable limits. In addition to the material costs, there are also no administrative costs and no personnel costs. Instead of worrying about putting up new signs, staff can turn their attention to other tasks.
  • Versatility: Digital door signs are very versatile. With the right software, you can design them the way you want.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the modern software, you have numerous options for visualising the information you want. Since the products are all cloud-based, you can redesign and play on your digital infoboard even at a distance. Physical proximity is not required for digital door signs. Even the smallest changes can be made with just a few mouse clicks. If you wish, you can also combine the digital door signs with a wayfinding system, digital shelf labelling (for example in libraries), a video wall or an outdoor stele.
  • Suitable for business: Thanks to compatibility with numerous databases and XML files, digital door signs facilitate both digital room booking and internal office communication.

Real all-rounders: digital room booking systems

Whether in the form of a hotel display or as an information board in companies, schools or public authorities: With digital door signs, you can optimise your meeting and conference operations in a targeted manner and make your room management much more efficient:

  • The modern digital signage displays provide an overview of all rooms. For example, availabilities and occupancies can be displayed at a glance.
  • The digital room booking function makes it easy and intuitive to reserve rooms. Employees or external parties can immediately see which room has which equipment features or how many people it can accommodate.
  • If necessary, additional information can be displayed, such as "The meeting will start 5 minutes later" or "The meeting has been moved to another room".
  • Digital admission control, automated check-in and digital greeting of customers or visitors can also be easily implemented with a suitable digital signage player.

Digital signage: very easy with digital signage

Whether it's a digital menu board in a restaurant, a waiting room TV or a shop window display at the point of sale: as an experienced digital signage agency, we are THE place to go if you want to integrate modern and innovative technology into your everyday business! As market leaders, we know what really matters when it comes to installing and maintaining digital door signs. Benefit from our technical know-how and many years of expertise. Our all-round carefree package includes the necessary software and comprehensive services directly. This means you can put your digital room booking system or electronic door signage into operation immediately.

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Our all-round carefree package:

3 years cloud software included

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Qualified advice and support. Ongoing technical customer support via a ticket system.

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Advanced Replacement Service.

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Personal webinar & test account possible before purchase.

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Optional multi-client Cloud CMS solutions available for resellers.

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Digital Signage Cloud CMS hosted in ISO27001 certified data centre in Germany.


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