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Digital doorplates for Outlook, Exchange, Google & Notes

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(Hamburg, 25.04.2022) In event centres, congress hotels or large corporate headquarters, the management of room allocations places high demands on scheduling and flexibility. However, managing rooms by means of digital calendars is only half the way to automation. Room seekers need real-time information about the respective events both in the reception area and at the corresponding room. Digital door signs provide the necessary orientation here - but only if they are integrated into the overall information system. now offers a solution for this that integrates common online calendars with the company's overview steles and door signs.

When it comes to managing ten or more rooms with possibly hourly changing use, 'analogue' solutions quickly reach their limits. This is where the use of planning tools such as those offered by Apple, Google or Microsoft calendars can help. The only thing is that the resulting results must not only be available for orientation at the entrance area, but also updated at the respective room. Precisely for this purpose, has now presented a solution that enables a display of room bookings via Outlook and Co. both at the head office and at the respective rooms - including the display of current appointments from any calendars.

The interaction of calendars, overview displays and door signs considerably simplifies administration and orientation: changes to a room booking, including all details, are available in real time both in the overview and at the rooms and are available both as a portrait and in landscape mode. This enables a detailed display including room name, time and detailed information about the own appointment. not only offers the necessary hardware and software, but also support for booking via Exchange, Office 365, Google or Notes. It is also possible to adapt the design of the displays to the customer's own wishes. The integration of digital management and real-time display on a wide variety of platforms significantly reduces the use of resources in terms of signage or queries.

The intelligent digital door signs are available in 10-inch, 15-inch and 22-inch versions, each with HD resolution. also offers a comprehensive service package.

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