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Digital noticeboard offers a complete solution for companies & authorities including 3 years of cloud software in the ISO 27001 certified data centre.


(Hamburg, 28.01.2023) Successful companies communicate internally to enable and optimise processes. Bulletin boards support communication because the push medium provides up-to-date information, for example for tenants, guests and employees. Furthermore, a virtual noticeboard reaches the target group quickly and stimulates discussion. The constant exchange speeds up the implementation of projects and thus increases the operational profit.

Digital notice board - functions

A digital noticeboard practically replaces the classic bulletin board; companies network with partner companies and control the content centrally internally. This modern way of disseminating information is increasingly replacing paper notice boards, and many companies appreciate the benefits of a virtual notice board.

Digital noticeboard - advantages

Easy implementation and far-reaching interaction: unauthorised persons can remove information material from the paper and thus disrupt processes in the company. No employee can simply remove a virtual noticeboard. In addition, those responsible can change the content in good time and thus provide the target group with up-to-date information immediately. No one has to visit a noticeboard any more, but can access the current information on the computer. The entrepreneur can integrate a digital notice board as a system with a touch screen into his company. Those who make the system available at the entrance to the company communicate innovations in a way that cannot be overlooked and increase the quality of services. Users provide constructive feedback, on the basis of which the operator can improve his system.

Individual presentation: Digital bulletin boards publish different contents, such as pictures, videos, internet presentations and 3D animations. Due to the wide range of possible applications, the digital bulletin board is an ideal alternative to paper and increases the quality of corporate communication. And let's not forget: Companies do not consume paper to provide virtual information. Advanced management: In the software, companies can control the content in terms of time. For example, companies can date events by publishing information and ending them as soon as they occur. When they expire, the system automatically deletes the information.

A digital noticeboard simplifies business processes and communication at a high level. The following advantages optimise processes profitably:

  • easy to implement
  • comprehensive interaction
  • clear and understandable
  • versatile communication
  • good plannability

Business managers who want to inform staff and customers via a digital notice board should compare offers for software. A system with the right functions perfects communication and ensures easy implementation of individual projects. offers a complete solution for digital bulletin boards including 3 years of premium digital signage cloud software - hosted in the ISO 27001 certified data centre in Germany - and optional installation of the screens. This means that companies & public authorities are well catered for all round in the digital noticeboard sector.

Digital noticeboard - important options

Interested parties should opt for an "all-in-one" offer that combines media player and screen. With this software, the user can integrate external data via a control function and flexibly and specifically design and adapt the open design.

Some manufacturers integrate a pinboard function into the system so that users can publish and control virtual notes. Staff can insert images and text. This simple structure maintains the clarity and uniformity of the digital noticeboard. As a rule, the software includes a function that enables the entrepreneur to automatically display the RSS feed of the commercial blog. Changes are displayed on the digital noticeboard without delay.

Central control - easy communication

Using a digital noticeboard does not require extensive IT knowledge. With just a few mouse clicks, users post news and menus. Paper notices are then no longer necessary, nor is a complicated design required. A virtual notice board informs companies, employees, company partners and visitors centrally and promptly. The advanced communication prevents misunderstandings, because the company can change current information quickly and at any time.

A digital notice board supports companies and institutions of all kinds, including canteens, schools and universities. Public authorities, factories and doctors' surgeries also facilitate internal communication with a digital noticeboard. Each company can customise the information on the digital noticeboard and maximise its corporate value.

"With our complete offers in the area of digital noticeboards, we offer consulting , planning, hardware, software, support, installation and content from a single source. This is very well received by many companies & authorities. They know that we really focus on the customer, because our solutions take a lot of work off the customer's hands," says boss Björn Christiansen.

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