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Digital shelf labelling: Digital signage for libraries and bookshops offers complete solutions including 3 years Cloud CMS


(Hamburg, 21.03.2023) From innovative as well as intuitive wayfinding to digital shelf labelling: Libraries and libraries become more and more lively and attractive as soon as digital signage comes into play.

Modern library concepts: Thanks to innovative digital signage solutions

In recent years, libraries have proven that they are by no means superfluous, even in the age of the Internet! Thanks to digital shelf labelling and other digital signage concepts such as info displays, these important institutions have finally arrived in the future.

In libraries, the primary goal is to give visitors access to the information they want. Digital signage displays are ideal for helping people navigate the building - in the form of a digital wayfinding system.

Modern libraries and bookshops no longer have much in common with dusty, untidy corners and narrow corridors. Instead, cosy seating areas invite you to linger. Digital shelf labelling and info points, on the other hand, keep things tidy and give the premises a particularly appealing ambience.

Digital shelf labelling, wayfinding systems and more: digital signage in libraries and libraries

Digital signage offers a wealth of unique benefits for libraries. Some of them merely modernise familiar tasks, while others create entirely new possibilities.

Making books accessible through digital shelf labelling

Digital shelf labels are compact screens that help patrons quickly find the work they are looking for. Mostly, cloud-based digital signage solutions are used here. This makes it possible to provide information in real time. Users can then immediately see which books are currently available and which have been borrowed. Due to their position (typically at the front of the shelves), digital shelf labels are ideal for optimising the search process.

Admission control and visitor management

In addition to digital shelf labelling, digital signage solutions can easily be used to implement digital access control. It can regulate the access of visitors in general or to specific areas. Rights can be assigned by a member of staff or completely digitally via an information desk. Larger facilities in particular also benefit from visitor management in the form of digital signposts, a digital notice board or a video wall. They ensure that no one strays from the path.

Use for a cafeteria

A café or cafeteria is often part of the comprehensive offer of modern libraries. Here, there are special opportunities for digital signage use! Digital menu boards create clarity and have a sales-promoting effect.

Room booking and labellingMany libraries have rooms that can be used by affiliated universities or research institutions for events. Special

Room booking systems and digital door signs facilitate reservation and coordination here.

Convenient content

Digital signage can be used to provide additional content on request. Information about the library, opening hours, the weather or current news can be presented in an appealing way. You are probably familiar with such information walls from hotels or from the waiting rooms of modern medical practices. But digital signage can not only be used in the form of a hotel display or waiting room TV: It also makes the entrance area or the cafeteria of a library or library look immediately more inviting.


Libraries and libraries often offer a wealth of additional offers and services. These go far beyond the mere lending of books. For example, you can use a digital outdoor sign to draw the attention of passers-by to readings and events. Digital signage does not only work at the point of sale, but also in the library context.

Digital signage: your number one contact point for digital shelf labelling

Whether digital shelf labelling or video walls: digital signage has become indispensable in libraries. If you value fast and cost-effective installation as well as high quality, it is better to seek professional support.

Completely redesign your public spaces and turn them into an audiovisual experience - with digital media! Distribution GmbH is the market leader in Germany with over 100,000 successful installations! Our cloud-based solutions minimise your effort when using digital shelf signage and info screens.

Choose signboards indoor and outdoor from, for example as

  • Advertising space to draw attention to events and offers
  • Modern wayfinding system
  • Digital shelf labelling
  • Digital infopoint for media search
  • Tools for displaying and retrieving book tips
  • Daily menu of the café

As a leading digital signage agency, we can help you to successfully implement digital signage solutions. We are also happy to advise you in advance on the possibilities that digital shelf labelling, for example, can offer your institution.

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