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Press release

Digital signage conference room solution with double the display size and advanced features

(Schwentinental, 04.09.18) Digital signage specialist IAdea Germany presents the XDS-2288, a smart signboard for conference room solutions with a display size of 21.5 inches. This means that the XDS-2288 has twice the screen size of the XDS-1078 smart signboard, which was previously preferred for conference room solutions. The XDS-2288, which also has advanced functions such as camera or speaker integration, can be used with IAdea's own simple conference room display control or with the professional solutions from IAdea's partner ecosystem.

All smart signboards in the XDS series have recently been enhanced with new features. The XDS series shines with an even more robust hardening of the operating system, enhanced security features, and improved content management and remote maintenance systems. Thanks to the continuous expansion of the IAdea partner ecosystem as well as integration options via NFC and numerous sensors, the signboards are also specialized for even more use cases or can thus cover almost any individual requirement.

And the other technical data is also impressive: The resolution of the XDS-2288 is 1,920 × 1080 pixels, the luminance is 300 nits. Built-in speakers, 2-megapixel front camera, ports for WiFi and Ethernet,  USB, micro-USB, SD cards or sensors are among the other features. 

"Our new 21.5-inch smart signboard combines HD media playback, robust design and commercial functionality in stand-alone public display and built-in variants for furniture or in frames with the individual corporate identity," e xplains  Kiel-based entrepreneur Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, managing partner of IAdea Germany.

By the outstanding image quality, owing to newest wide angle technology, customers can see and/or conference topics shown texts, pictures or videos both in the portrait and landscape format from nearly each angle. At the same time, the Smart Signboard is extremely robust. The robust housing is made of steel and the display surface is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass that is two times stronger. The displays of the XDS series are also available as interactive, capacitive 10-finger multi-touch systems with optional brightness up to 700 cd.

The internal hardware and software are also designed for robustness, with measures such as a backup battery, failover, hardened Android operating system or security protection against misuse and corruption. For example, the system memory of the fanless XDS-2288 uses 8 GBytes of dedicated, vibration-resistant solid-state memory for 24/7 uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, in the event of infrequent failure events such as lightning strikes, etc., timed hardware monitoring ensures automatic recovery without human intervention.


Conference Room Solutions

Entry-level solution: With the free widget "Door Sign Calendar", the Signboard can be used immediately as a quick and simple solution for conference room allocation and organization. This is because the widget allows data from existing calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCloud Calendar) to be displayed on the Signboard for digital signage of the conference room. In doing so, the signboard can display room name, name of the current and following meeting, description, date, duration, and info on whether a room is free or occupied.

High-end solution: In the IAdea partner ecosystem there are several solutions for organizing conferences and rooms: Exemplary for a high-end solution for conference room booking and monitoring is IAdea partner Concierge. Concierge is an innovative and flexible solution for visualizing information about meeting rooms and their bookings. The Concierge system can not only display what's coming up, but can also be used to direct visitors to rooms, show available meeting rooms, and facilitate bookings on the spot, for important ad hoc meetings and gatherings.

Concierge's powerful reporting e ngine also provides numerous reports, from meeting room utilization by defined intervals, to booking behavior, error analysis, etc., ensuring that meeting rooms are used efficiently.


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