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Digital signage display solution from for room booking & wayfinding for office complexes, hospitals, hotels and town halls

Digital signage display solution by for room booking & wayfinding for office complexes, hospitals, hotels and town halls


(Hamburg, 28.12.2020) Office complexes, hospitals, hotels, town halls, university or school campuses, or anywhere where the path to the destination is not obvious, the room booking and wayfinding systems from make sense. The German digital signage pioneer offers the digital signage software "DS Director", which specialises in these applications. DS-Director impresses above all with its versatility in terms of digital signage and a very comfortable user interface. In addition, no costly servers are required for operation, only a PC workstation in the customer's network.

The digital signage software, DS-Director, is available in combination with the current, robust and economical DS-Media-Players, DS-Displays and DS-Signboards in the starter package from for the room booking and wayfinding systems at attractive prices.

In addition to the date- and time-accurate display of all important information for room booking or directions, the displays used can of course be subdivided into different areas via numerous predefined templates - as is usual with digital signage. Depending on the template, additional texts, videos, images or slideshows can be conjured up on the displays. Intelligent template control also ensures optimised display depending on the workload. In a large hotel, for example, it can be ensured that the map of the surroundings and the direction signs are always visible, while video advertisements or slideshows have only low priority when the network is overloaded.

The respective template templates can also be edited in the DS-Director to suit individual needs, and interfaces (XML, CSV, web) provide for further integration into existing systems. For example, there are also interfaces to common banquet, PMS, facility management or groupware applications as well as to Micros-Fidelio (Opera, Suite 8). This allows DS-Director to operate completely independently in the background. Even company logos are supported via the Fidelio interface.

DS-Director communicates via standardised protocols. The contents are transferred to the displays via FTP or HTTP and automatically displayed. The common file formats BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and MPEG are supported. The advantages of this technology are obvious: firstly, DS-Director displays can be connected via any IP-based network (e.g. Internet); secondly, any FTP client, such as Internet Explorer, can be used to upload images, animations and videos directly.

The advantages of DS-Direktor at a glance

  • Electronic signposting, wayfinding system, advertising platform.
  • Date- and time-accurate presentation of advertising content.
  • Welcome screen.
  • Multimedia support (videos, slide shows, images, texts).
  • Interfaces (banquet, PMS, facility management, groupware applications, Micros-Fidelio, Excel, XML, CSV, web).
  • Screen preview as well as automatic page change (scrolling) in case of high utilisation on the DS-Public Displays.
  • Intelligent template control.
  • Support of multifunctional rooms.
  • No servers necessary.
  • WLAN, Ethernet.
  • Grouping and clustering.
  • Versatile.
  • Large installation base.

The DS Director software works with all digital signage player & digital signage display products from The basic condition is the one-time purchase of the DS Director starter package. This includes the installation of the software, the setup of the system and the creation of the layout templates.

The support team offers installations of the software and hardware throughout Germany.

For further information, please contact the sales department at and tel. 040 180 241 080.

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