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Digital signage for educational institutions

IAdea Deutschland GmbH offers suitable complete solutions

Schwentinental, 30.10.2017 - Whether elementary school, high school or university - they all have in common the complex organization of the campus, the premises, the teaching staff and the various groupings of pupils or students. Digital signage can not only simplify this complexity, but also add value to both the management of the educational institution and its staff, as well as to the multitude of trainees, with numerous additional information and offerings.

More computers, broadband connections and WLAN: Germans want greater digitization in schools. According to a study by the ifo Institute for Economic Research, 63 percent of the population are in favor of at least 30 percent of teaching time being spent working independently on computers - 15 percentage points more than two years ago. In addition, more than half of Germans (55 percent) are in favor of teaching digital and media skills in elementary schools. From secondary schools onwards, around 90 percent of those surveyed are in favor of this.

Most Germans are therefore also calling for schools to be equipped accordingly. For example, 80 percent are in favor of the federal government equipping all schools with broadband Internet access, WLAN and computers. Two-thirds of those surveyed (67 percent) are also in favor of the federal government equipping every student at secondary schools with a laptop or computer.

Digital signage innovations fit perfectly into this picture of the digitization of educational institutions. After all, the more pupils or students drive digitization themselves on their own electronic devices - if they are not already digital natives anyway - the more inevitable the expectations in the educational environment will be. This applies to navigating the campus, signage for the premises, information on daily routines, notifications of changes, safety precautions or other important news. Likewise, of course, for visitors, parents, or any type of partner of the educational institution who needs to find their way around the buildings or campus.

From digital signage for individual rooms, directional signs and information displays to video walls in the auditorium and interactive boards in the classrooms, IAdea Germany offers all the varieties of crystal-clear displays needed to interact with the diverse target groups of an educational institution. All displays, signboards, touch screens and video walls can also be controlled centrally with the digital signage software "SignApps Express". By dividing the displays into several so-called zones, general and specific information such as notices, news, media streams, websites or social media content can be played out simultaneously.

Thanks to a large number of predefined templates, which can be easily modified and enriched with widgets according to the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) principle, there are no limits to individual creativity. Content can be based on video, PowerPoint, images, music, high-quality fonts and custom widgets.

The digital signage software Signapps-Express automatically recognizes the media players used, from the simplest all-rounder XMP-6250 to the high-end player XMP-7300, which offers ultra HD in 4K resolution. For larger installations, the individual variants of media players and signboards can be grouped accordingly for easy management. Another strength of Signapps-Express in this context is the integration into Google services. For example, the individual content can be exported to Google Drive and from there - outside the user's own local network - distributed centrally to the media players and displays.

With the general support of HTML5 and SMIL, the content to be displayed can be adapted and personalized even more individually. With these technologies, the media players can display a wide range of content, such as images, videos, graphics and high-quality fonts. By using Javascript, it is also possible to display dynamic content such as data from a live database or feed, or from a wide variety of social media channels. This means that the possibilities on a campus or the building complex of an educational institution are manifold, as in addition to the possibilities for interactive signage, for example, for the display of

History of the educational institution, content of the educational institution's website, messages and presentations from the school's management information on enrollment and admission requirements, announcements in case of emergencies, work display and teaching content for students, changes to the premises, event announcements, dining hall menus, posts on social media, winners of competitions or prizes, brief news from around the world, and much more.

IAdea Germany offers a guided live webinar for Signapp Express. This personal webinar is free of charge for buyers and interested parties. A registration for the live webinar can be made at the website

The current product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards



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