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Digital signage from Hamburg St. Pauli: customer call-up systems reduce perceived waiting time offers KAS as a complete solution


(Hamburg, 07.07.2022) Queuing is one of the most unpleasant experiences for many people, creates stress and significantly lowers customer satisfaction. Innovative customer call systems provide a remedy by shortening the perceived waiting time and conveying a sense of justice. With a complete system consisting of stelae, control displays and corresponding software, makes it easy to get started with KAS.

According to relevant studies, people spend between one and two years in queues, and this time quickly turns into torture for impatient contemporaries. The feeling of wasting time, combined with the uncertainty of how long it might take and the impression of standing in the slowest of all queues, gives rise to resentment and not infrequently frustrates all efforts with regard to service quality.

This phenomenon can be actively countered with innovative customer call systems. The digital signage pioneer from Hamburg St. Pauli offers a complete package for this purpose that enables simple installation and efficient operation of such solutions. On the hardware side, the complete set consists of a display stele for the customers as well as small touch displays for controlling the contents and processes. The set also includes the concept, the necessary software and the corresponding content.

The digital signage steles are available in sizes of 49 and 55 inches with and without touch function, whereby a loudspeaker is integrated in each case. They inform those waiting about their current status and thus create transparency with regard to the progress and the time required until the point of sale. Using split-screen technology, other content can optionally be conveyed, which on the one hand provides distraction and on the other hand can convey current offers.

Processes and content are controlled via 4-inch wireless displays with touch function. They are ready for use with 230-volt connections and optionally equipped with a stand and USB power adapter. If required, the products are also available individually. supports the conception as well as the provision of the corresponding content. The cloud-based DS Channel Pro software allows for the easy creation of suitable content and provides applications for a wide range of industries from retail to transport to healthcare. The package also includes comprehensive services in terms of support, project consulting and instruction.

"Waiting is a very unpleasant experience for most people, especially when there is no transparency as to how long the process will take. Modern KAS reduce the stress of uncertainty and can not only shorten the time by means of suitable content, but rather can also be actively used to increase sales," explains Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, Managing Director at

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