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Digital signage is the optimal platform for the World Cup

IAdea CEO Björn Christiansen: "The IAdea XMP-6400 offers the optimal solution for sports bars with HDMI input and Full HD for LIVE broadcast and playback of commercials."

Schwentinental, 26.02.2018 - The World Cup kicks off in June. Anyone who has prepared their location accordingly can expect a significantly increased visitor frequency. Especially when the German national team is playing to defend its title, the sales wave should also trend steeply upwards. Digital signage solutions can support this like no other medium.

During the World Cup, and especially when the German national team is playing, sports bars and venues with broadcast displays are in high demand. Digital signage can score points here, especially through suitable placement of offers during, before, after or during the break, which ensure more sales. Of course, all kinds of third-party advertising that benefit the location are also conceivable. Displays can be any TV with an HDMI connection, or stylish video walls that broadcast the action over an even larger area.

Major events are usually a sales boost in the catering industry. But digital signage can also play to its strengths outside of these turbulent days and ensure customer satisfaction and customer experience. After all, digital signage can turn any pure entertainment TV into an entertainer. Thanks to the cost-effective XMP-6400 player from IAdea Germany, entertainment can be easily inserted. At the same time, the possibilities are virtually unlimited thanks to Web and HTML 5 technology: Whether special offers of drinks, snacks or entire menus, or entertainment in the form of a quiz, prize game or survey can be displayed just as easily as current news, advertising of any kind or anything else you can think of to keep your guests happy and encourage them to stay.

The same also applies to all types of streams or social media platforms in order to communicate interactively with guests via the digital signage platform, if necessary. This results in a wide range of possibilities for entertainment with digital signage: Since the display can be divided into several zones by the media player, for example, the main zone can show a quiz show, a secondary zone the corresponding Facebook timeline with the answers of the guests, and in another zone comparisons can be made with other groups of guests via Excel - and in between there is the special drink of the location for the "concentration". As this simple example shows, Digital Signage is not only a "Digital Salesman", but also a "Digital Entertainer", which can help at all times to increase own sales and to bind customers.

The XMP-6400 full HD player from IAdea Germany is specially designed for retrofitting standard TVs for digital signage applications and displays. However, it also enables the integration of video sources with dynamic HTML5 or image content to create advertising overlays and live video playback on any screen - even on stylish video walls made of displays or tiles such as "Anytiles" from IAdea.

The HDMI input can be used to connect any video source, from a camera to live TV, and play it back in real time with ad-based content. Thus, the XMP-6400 can simultaneously display TV picture, a ticker bar and content in L-bar design to display special offers, events, promotions, messages and even channels from social media. Corresponding templates, so-called templates, which divide the TV into zones - moreover, if desired also still time-controlled, - the powerful content management system of the XMP-6400 supplies equal.

"The XMP-6400 makes digital signage on any entertainment TV simple," said Björn Christiansen, managing director of IAdea Germany. "The IAdea XMP-6400 offers the optimal solution for sports bars with HDMI input and Full HD for LIVE broadcast and playback of commercials. Connect power, network and HDMI to the XMP-6400 and you're ready to go."

The XMP-6400 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video as well as advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 playback. The XMP-6400 has no fans, so it won't interfere with potential TV broadcasts with its own noise. However, the XMP-6250 still remains cool even during continuous operation, as it has a built-in self-healing mechanism that ensures its functionality regardless of the environmental conditions. In addition, the IAdea digital signage player includes numerous other ports such as a micro SD port expandable up to 32 GBytes for longer presentations and streams or USB ports from which individual content can be transferred in the specified zones and can also serve as a backup in case of network failure.

IAdea's CMS "SignApps Express", which is already included with the players, covers most of the content delivery. In addition, proprietary content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. The same applies to the increasing number of add-on services from the cloud. Those with special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

If you have any further questions, please contact the IAdea Germany sales department at or call 0800 72400 98.


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