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Digital signage reduces waiting times through optimised organisation

Hamburg-based digital signage pioneer IAdea Deutschland GmbH introduces DS customer call system


(Hamburg, 09.11.2020) Optimising waiting times, avoiding queues and increasing customer satisfaction - this is what IAdea Germany promises with its "DS customer call system". To achieve this, the German digital signage pioneer combines digital signage technology with the possibilities of web and smartphone integration and provides the solution from a single source with modern cloud-based management from German data centres.

Queuing up and waiting until one customer after the other has been served is annoying, but has been part of everyday life until now. Annoying are pushers or when you realise that the end of the queue is not where you thought it would be. In addition, for older, very young or infirm people, staying in the queue for a longer period of time is extremely exhausting or even unacceptable. The "DS customer call system" from IAdea Germany provides a much better organisation.

Every potential customer, for example in a café, in a fast-food restaurant, in special waiting areas or in front of any service counters, knows with the "DS Customer Call System" exactly when it is his turn without having to wait in a queue or being annoyed by pushers.

Further advantages of the digital signage display system from IAdea Germany are, in addition to classic infotainment - the domain of digital signage through split-screen technology - the playback of important information or even advertising clips, the integration of social media and web technology.

For example, a café could make it possible to place an order via its website before entering the café and signal when the order is ready for collection. Similarly, such a scenario would also work on site by simply scanning a corresponding QR code via smartphone. The possibilities for integration are almost unlimited, even direct online payments are conceivable.

"In short," says Björn Christiansen, managing partner of the digital signage provider  IAdea Germany, "our 'DS customer call system' significantly reduces the perceived waiting time, improves the organisation on site and allows for manifold integration possibilities that optimise customer satisfaction."

For this purpose, IAdea Germany has a modern cloud content management system "DS Channel", which is hosted in German data centres and allows access for content creation and control independent of location and time.

The advantages of the DS customer call-up system at a glance:

The "DS customer call system" controls customer traffic in companies, public authorities, gastronomy in retail or at service providers and ensures speedy and fair allocation of waiting persons. The "DS customer call system" is fully scalable and IAdea Germany can adapt it individually to the respective IT processes and company procedures. The ticket terminal, the tickets and the display on the screen can also be individually adapted to the corporate design. Further advantages are:

  • Multilingualism
  • Numerical call
  • Employee relief
  • Up-to-date waiting time display
  • Decreasing stress potential
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Modular and scalable
  • Digital switch display
  • Access via smartphone
  • Display of products and services
  • Digital room display
  • Accessibility through call announcement
  • Alarm function for emergencies
  • DSGVO-compliant call-up
  • Integrated statistics
  • ASP & Onpremise
  • Accessibility through call announcement
  • Customer cards with QR code
  • Integration of digital signage displays in all sizes possible
  • Infotainment

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