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Digital signage scenarios in healthcare

Solutions from IAdea Deutschland GmbH already in use thousands of times over

Schwentinental, 19.03.2018 - Healthcare has many facets. Hospitals, clinics, practices, therapy centers, pharmacies, etc. What they all have in common is primarily the personal individual consultation and, unfortunately, the resulting waiting time. Digital signage can provide extreme organizational support here by helping to reduce waiting times or bridging them in a meaningful way in terms of customer experience. IAdea Germany shows three scenarios.

Digital signage in hospitals and clinics

Anyone who has ever been to a hospital knows that hospitals often turn out to be a maze for both visitors and patients. Classic overview maps and signage provide only a rough overview with their cryptic designations. Those who need to go to a cardiology department usually do not know, nor do they find this on the general signage boards, that it is located in the "Internal Medicine" area.
With modern digital signage solutions such as info kiosks and digital touchscreen displays, overviews can be displayed in detail, and specific departments or important information can be searched for. The IAdea-XMP-7300 media player can transmit a variety of menus, directories and building plans to the touchscreens for this purpose. "The first-class image buffer and graphics rendering engine of the IAdea media players achieves a resolution that is up to four times clearer than full HD," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany. This allows for an interactive zoom experience that gives users a direct sense of direction in addition to information. The annoying search for the central information counter and queuing are thus a thing of the past.

Digital signage relieves the queue in the pharmacy

Queues in pharmacies are the rule rather than the exception. To create a pleasant atmosphere and promote privacy, Alphega Apotheek in the Netherlands, for example, has opted for a digital signage solution with based on IAdea media players. An integrated information system for waiting times is being installed at around 70 locations, linked to digital signage flat screens. The ticket number and queue status of the information service are displayed alongside the personalized video content.

A side effect that should not be underestimated is also the playout of advertising on the information displays. For example, the IAdea-XMP-6250 media player can divide the connected displays into different zones. This means that the waiting person still has his waiting time and individual information in view as well as additional advertising being played. This is one of the most important strategic placements for both advertisers and their own revenue generation.

Digital signage provides interactive entertainment

Healthcare is highly competitive. One of the most popular ways to ensure patient loyalty is to introduce an entertainment system. The IAdea-XDS-1078-Interactive-All-in-One-Smart-Display is designed specifically for such cases. The main benefits for patients in the inpatient setting include communication, independence, enhanced entertainment options and reduction of noise levels. In addition, the systems are also ideal for entertainment in doctors' and especially dentists' offices. In addition to entertainment, advertising without interrupting the entertainment is an important instrument to draw attention to other own services and products.

The solutions of IAdea Deutschland GmbH are already being used thousands of times in the healthcare sector in Europe.

The current IAdea Digital Signage product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Player & Signboards


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