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Digital signage untangles the maze in office complexes and companies

Complete Corporate Solutions from IAdea Germany

Schwentinental, 23.10.2017 - Office buildings are often a maze. Numerous companies are located there and are often spread over several floors. Even long-time employees are often desperate to find a meeting room used by several parties in the large office complexes. How are visitors supposed to find their way around? Digital signage not only promises a remedy, but also enhances the professional image and can also provide further individualized information, including infotainment.

Office complexes have a natural fluctuation: companies come and go. The latter either due to their growth, buyout, relocation or, in the worst case, mismanagement. New ventures naturally replenish the space, but that's where the crux of logistical home-keeping begins: new signs must be created for the offices, meeting rooms, storage areas, elevators or other signage. Of course, there are numerous other organizational tasks to manage, but the signage process alone has cost many a newcomer quite a few nerves and, above all, time, and possibly displeasure due to their inability to be found by potential customers.

Digital signage solves these and many other logistical and organizational problems in such office complexes and generally in larger companies or public administrations in no time at all.

IAdea Germany offers the complete range of digital signage solutions for companies, office complexes and administrations. Starting with digital signage in the underground car park, infotainment in the lobby, management of the meeting rooms and even the respective conferences, through to visitor management with catering in the cafeteria.

Signage: Underground parking, lobby, in front of or in the elevator, on the individual floors, office, storage or meeting rooms, etc. can be signposted with the visually appealing signboards and panels from IAdea Germany and individually controlled with the associated media players from the XMP series.

Videowalls: Whether in the central lobby, lounges or visitor rooms, almost anything can be realized with the videowalls in almost any size from simple messages, logos, welcome texts, image videos, live news, social media feeds to any kind of infotainment thanks to HTML5 and SMIL, which is also possible interactively with web technology.

Conference room: In addition to the classic signage of meeting and conference rooms, for example, the interactive 10.1-inch touchscreen "XDS-1078" is the world's first digital signage display that runs with a conference room solution from Signagelive. It can be used to process calendar synchronizations via Google and Office 365 as well as to use extensive room booking options of the conference room solution.

Cafeteria or canteen: Especially in the cafeteria or canteen itself, the offer can not only be presented excellently with digital signage displays, but the content can also be controlled according to the day or time of day. It can even be called up on any interactive signboard or touchscreen from IAdea Germany, or ordered immediately with the corresponding process behind it, which certainly impresses guests in lounges or meeting rooms.

Thanks to the underlying web technologies, the variety of possible applications for digital signage in companies, office complexes or administrations is virtually unlimited.

IAdea Germany offers "SignApps Express", a uniform digital signage software that is also included free of charge with all media players and signboards from IAdea and can already cover most use cases of creative digital signage applications.

"Digital signage software for creating and playing out content should be fast, preferably in real time, and above all child's play to use," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany. "Thanks to a variety of predefined templates, which can be easily modified and enriched with widgets according to the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) principle, there are no limits to individual creativity. Content can be based on video, PowerPoint, images, music, high-quality fonts and custom widgets."

In addition, your own content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. Those who have special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

For example, IAdea partners Emergingsoft, Sharingcloud or Posterdigital specialize in the individual requirements of companies. In particular, these partners offer integration platforms both on-premise and from the cloud for effective conference room solutions with digital signage solutions from IAdea in Microsoft-Outlook, Microsoft-Exchange, Lotus-Notes, Google-Calender or Google-Apps for the planning and execution of meetings, including the corresponding rooms, the necessary equipment and the most diverse participant accesses. Through a multitude of other partners from the IAdea partner network, which also constantly produces new creative solutions, almost all special solutions and integrations with existing applications can be accomplished.

The current product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Player & Signboards


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