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IAdea AnyTiles ™ wins Taiwan Digital Signage Award

President of Taiwan presents award for infinitely scalable video wall solution

Schwentinental, 25.08.2016 - IAdea, market leader in digital signage media players and video wall players, has been awarded the Taiwan Digital Signage Award by the Digital Signage Multimedia Alliance Taiwan (DSMA) for its innovative AnyTiles ™ video wall solution. The award was presented by the President of Taiwan, Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, at a grand gala. The video can be found here:

AnyTiles ™ offers pixel-perfect, infinitely scalable video walls created with IAdea standard digital signage media players. "Video walls with this high image quality are unique in the world" says Björn Christiansen from IAdea Germany. "Our experience with initial rollouts in Germany has been consistently positive. Installation turns out to be like child's play. This is no comparison to the technology often used in the market so far, which was much more expensive, complex and simply not remotely comparable in terms of image quality."

The goal of IAdea AnyTiles is to change the status quo of traditional video wall solutions. While traditional video wall solutions are constantly limited by the number of displays, with IAdea there is no limit to the number of displays or pixel quality. From a simple 2 x 2 video wall to a video wall with thousands of displays, video content remains pixel-perfect and scalable to any size.

"IAdea is honored to be the winner of this year's Taiwan Digital Signage Awards. It's a team effort and everyone at IAdea will continue to give their all to deliver the next digital signage innovation ", said Björn Christiansen of IAdea Germany. "AnyTiles means to video walls what Retina displays mean to mobile devices. Consumers today are spoiled by superfine pixel resolution on their mobile devices. AnyTiles takes the video wall upgrade to a higher level of visual experience."

AnyTiles is based on the innovative display architecture DGA (Distributed Graphics Architecture). Similar to the Hadoop distributed computing architecture used in many mainstream cloud computing clusters, DGA uses a large number of system-on-chip GPUs of extremely high resolution to form a large surface. When a screen is added to the video wall, a DGA module is also added. In this way, there is always capacity for the added pixels.

Various projects have been implemented with AnyTiles, including an installation in China's Shanghai Hongqiao Commercial Business District. The video wall in the lobby of a corporate building measures 33 feet (10 meters) wide and 12 feet (3.5 meters) high. It has a screen resolution of nearly 18 carats-by-4K and features augmented reality through interactive games. This can be seen here:

"AnyTiles also works with existing video wall applications. With a simple upgrade by system developers and integrators, customers can be offered greatly improved video quality by retrofitting AnyTiles. The better the video content, the more viewers will be attracted. Whether media operations or retail management, AnyTiles is always an excellent solution ", says Björn Christiansen.

Instructions for IAdea AnyTiles can be found on the microsite ( Free AnyTiles Express software is also available for download from the microsite.

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