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IAdea CEO Björn Christiansen announces digital signage partnership with AdMobilize

(Schwentinental, 27.08.18) IAdea Germany integrates the artificial intelligence-based audience analytics solution from AdMobilize. Through the partnership of the two companies, customers in the reach of digital signage systems can be analyzed and evaluated very precisely according to numerous criteria and content can be played out according to the target group or the success of campaigns can be measured.

"Fifty percent of marketing money is badly invested, you don't know about the other 50 percent."  Since Big Data and modern data analytics systems, this old marketing wisdom is fading. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the saying should even be nothing more than a cornball of bygone days. Because AdMobilize promises previously unattainable accuracy in the analysis of potential customers, even in the digital signage market segment, based on artificial intelligence.

For example, for retailers using digital signage the challenge is to quantify the reach and effectiveness of both the displays and their locations, as well as their content. Here, AdMobilize uses real-time data to identify how a specific target audience interacts with the content. In this way, marketers can better achieve their digital signage goals by delivering content that reaches the right audience in the right place at the right time.

AdMobilize's audience analytics solution is compatible with almost any IP camera on the market. Via external IP cameras or IP cameras integrated into digital signage systems, AdMobilize uses artificial intelligence to detect numerous characteristics of the potential target audience: including the number of people in the environment, their age range and gender, as well as the number of views of the content, the duration of attention and the emotions shown. This and other information is then sent directly to a cloud-based dashboard or integrated into third-party systems via API. The dashboard can be used to correlate and analyze the data according to specifications. Based on the identified trends, campaigns can then be optimized, for example.

"By partnering with AdMobilize, we can now also offer our global customer network market-leading digital signage solutions equipped with functions for data analytics as well as monitoring and reporting for potential target groups," says Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany. "The integration of the AI-based audience analytics platform AdMobilize further increases the performance value of our robust media players, smart signboards and video wall solutions, making them arguably the most comprehensive digital signage solution for system integrators, end users and enterprises," said Kiel-based entrepreneur Björn Christiansen.

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