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IAdea CEO Björn Christiansen Creating Digital Signage Content Quickly and Easily

SignApps digital signage software included free of charge with all IAdea players & touchscreens

Schwentinental, 16.10.2017 - In addition to robust media players as well as brilliant and powerful signboards and video walls, the software for the creation and display of content is crucial. IAdea Germany offers "SignApps Express", a uniform digital signage software that is also included free of charge with all media players and signboards from IAdea.

"Digital signage software for creating and playing out content should be fast, preferably in real time, and above all very easy to use," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany. Thanks to a large number of predefined templates that can be easily modified and enriched with widgets according to the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) principle, there are no limits to individual creativity. Content can be based on video, PowerPoint, images, music, high-quality fonts and custom widgets.

The digital signage software Signapp-Express automatically recognizes the media players used, from the simplest all-rounder XMP-6250 to the high-end player XMP-7300, which offers ultra HD in 4K resolution. For larger installations, the individual variants of media players and signboards can be grouped accordingly for easy management. Another strength of Signapp Express in this context is the integration into Google services. For example, individual content can be exported to Google Drive and distributed centrally to the media players and signboards from there - outside the user's own local network.

With general support for HTML5 and SMIL, the content to be displayed can be further customized and personalized. With these technologies, media players can display a wide range of content, such as images, videos, graphics, and high-quality fonts. By using Javascript, it is also possible to display dynamic content such as data from a live database or feed, or from a wide variety of social media channels.

In addition, own content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. Those who have special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

IAdea Germany offers a guided live webinar for Signapp Express. This personal webinar is free of charge for buyers and interested parties. A registration for the live webinar can be made under the web page .

A training video on youtube can be found at .

The current product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards



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