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IAdea Deutschland GmbH expands signboards with NFC

NFC makes digital signage boards even more flexible

Schwentinental, 06.11.2017 - Near-field communications, or NFC for short, is used to exchange data over short distances. IAdea has now integrated this technology into its XDS-1078 multitouch signboards. In addition to PoS applications, the 10-inch XDS-1078 smart signboards are particularly in demand in conference rooms, as they can be used not only for internal and external signage of the premises, but also as a booking solution and universal control panel for conferences, and a wide range of add-on functions can now be integrated using NFC.

By integrating near-field communications, the XDS-1078 signboards can be used to open up further diverse applications with the benefits of digital signage.

For example, NFC-enabled badges or ID cards can be used to immediately realize on-site booking of premises. There is no need for time-consuming typing, authentication or booking via a website. "Thanks to IAdea's innovation, users can swipe their company NFC badge over a digital door sign to immediately use the empty space or intuitively reserve a free period - all with the same touchscreen," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany.

In collaboration with Concierge, one of many partners in the IAdea partnership ecosystem, IAdea has already integrated the latest NFC technology into the Cocierge booking system. Thus, via NFC-enabled badge, employees, technicians or visitors are immediately integrated as well as authenticated in Concierge's room booking system and can directly use the features of Concierge's secure platform. In addition, numerous statistics, reports and other features of the Concierge solution allow to significantly increase operational efficiency.

Based on the partnership ecosystem, more NFC-enabled solutions with IAdea digital signage applications will follow. Of course, the same is true for system integrators and for the development of own applications based on the multiple development possibilities IAdea offers with its HTML5 and SMIL based platform for all media players, signboards and video walls.

IAdea Germany offers a guided live webinar for the digital signage products and the free included digital signage software Signapps-Express. This personal webinar is free of charge for buyers and interested parties. Registration for the live webinar can be made at

IAdea's current digital signage product line includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards.


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