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IAdea Deutschland GmbH introduces Smart Signboard 75 Cloud

IAdea Deutschland GmbH introduces Smart Signboard 75 Cloud

Large format display for digital signage with cloud control

(PresseBox) (Schwentinental, 09.07.19) With the combination of 75-inch Profi display and the robust media player "Smart Player HD Cloud", IAdea Germany presents a mass-compatible and immediately deployable digital signage system for companies and industries where brilliant, large-scale visibility is essential. Designed for 24/7 continuous operation, the Profi display impresses with a brightness ≥ 400 cd and can be controlled directly from the Cloud, the pioneer and leading provider of digital signage systems for businesses.

A key advantage of digital signage is that multiple content can be presented simultaneously on one display. Here, among other things, the available space is also elementary. This is because visibility is crucial for content of any kind - especially when digital signage displays are divided into several screen sections or when customers need to be made aware of special offers from a greater distance. With the "Smart Signboard 75 Cloud", IAdea Germany has a 75-inch professional display up its sleeve that meets precisely such requirements. The content is addressed by the robust media player "Smart Player HD Cloud", which conjures up the content via central cloud control from the IAdea Germany cloud "DS Channel" to the displays connected via HDMI.

Large format display: Smart Signboard 75 Cloud

The large 75-inch display (diagonal at 190.50 centimeters) is primarily designed for visibility, especially where customers cannot stand directly in front of the display, such as in fast-food restaurants where the displays are usually mounted above the sales counter, or anywhere where a lot of information needs to be compressed and conspicuous as well as clearly legible - in short: with the Smart-Signboard-75-Cloud, visibility is trumps.

The Smart-Signboard-75-Cloud also shines with a brightness greater than 400 cd and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 Hz. The viewing angle of the largest digital signage signboard from IAdea Germany is 178 degrees, so that the information it contains is also easily visible from the side or from below. The possible content is manifold: fonts, images, videos, streams, social media, etc., - as full screen or divided into several zones.

Media Player: Smart Player HD Cloud

Equipped with quad-core processors, the "Smart Player HD Cloud" is a robust appliance, both physically and in terms of hardware. For example, the normally wear-sensitive flash memories are optimized for 24/7 operation. The Android operating system used is also immune to failure and compromise through additional integrated security solutions.

The smart player HD Cloud plays content via cloud in high-definition quality. It can be installed effortlessly on site even by untrained personnel: Only the connection to the power grid, to the corresponding display screen and to the Internet must be established, everything else is controlled from the cloud. This makes the all-round player with cloud management from IAdea Germany. the perfect media player for companies, stationary retail, the hotel and hospitality industry, the education sector, for law firms or practices, and wherever simple installation with central management, fail-safety and brilliant display play a role.

The Smart Player HD Cloud is also suitable for digital signage with signboards or any type of HDMI display at all levels in the company via centralized cloud control of kiosk systems, and in general for multiple displays of information, services, advertisements, menus, events, etc.

In short, according to Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany, "Our Smart Player HD Cloud is specifically designed for year-round continuous 24/7 operation and also include a self-healing mechanism to remain active without staff intervention. This allows on-site staff to focus entirely on their actual tasks and not have to worry about the technology."

Cloud platform: DS-Channel

With "DS-Channel", IAdea Germany has its own native digital signage cloud communication platform. DS-Channel can be used to control, manage and monitor individual media players or signboards of IAdea Deutschland's new cloud generation as well as to set up extensive digital signage networks centered on the cloud.

The DS-Channel digital signage communications platform, in conjunction with IAdea Germany's new DS-Channel media players and signboards, is free for the first three years, with the option to extend this for a further three years.
The advantages of DS-Channel are manifold: All digital signage content is created centrally in the cloud via the content management system and played out from there to the corresponding media players and signboards via the playlists. This means that no technical staff are required on site and content can be created, controlled and monitored from any location and at any time.

Together with the new high-performance media players and signboards of the DS-Channel series from IAdea Germany, DS-Channel can be used to set up a central digital signage platform for almost any application across all industries. The underlying content management system of DS-Channel is so intuitive that even non-digital signage specialists can "conjure up" sophisticated content on their digital advertising spaces. The robust media players support all common screen sizes and formats as well as kiosk systems and video walls.

In addition to the advantages of the cloud and its free connection as well as the intuitive content management system, DS-Channel offers numerous other benefits, including

  • the suitability for both single systems, small networks up to highly scalable cloud-centric digital signage networks with thousands of sites and displays,
  • the ability to play out campaigns with meta-data based scheduling,
  • intelligent, dynamic hot folders based on meta-data tagging for folders or content ,
  • the creation of XML templates for importing data sources from other systems,
  • support for beacons with distance and motion sensors to switch content,
  • the creation of playout reports and overview of device availability,
  • support for interactive kiosk applications,
  • additional widgets for weather or integration of social network channels and
  • a QR code generator to automatically display dynamic links as QR codes.

"The strengths of our media players and signboards come into their own with our next generation digital signage platform DS-Channel. Fail-safety, robustness and longevity of the hardware paired with the centralized and time as well as location-independent management from the cloud, massively reduces the effort for maintenance and care of a digital signage network and does not require specialized staff on site nor for the creation and distribution of the digital signage content," explains Kiel-based entrepreneur Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen. "This makes the new DS channel digital signage solutions from IAdea Germany ideally suited for enhancing the brand experience and improving consistent brand communication in stationary retail across all industries," Christiansen continues. The same applies equivalently for informing employees in larger corporate networks, for general information, for queue optimization or also generally for entertaining visitors in hotels, hospitals, restaurants or practices of any kind.

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