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IAdea's smallest appliance provides digital signage to largest video game supplier

IAdea's smallest appliance provides digital signage to largest video game supplier

Schwentinental, 03.01.2018 - Unobtrusive, powerful and retrofittable to existing TV displays - these were among the deciding factors for GameStop, the world's largest video games retailer, to rely on IAdea's MBR-1100 media player. Together with IAdea partners Signagelive, a global provider of a cloud-based digital signage platform, and Cedemo, a leading omni-channel digital marketing specialist, a digital signage network was established for GameStop with around 1000 stores in five European countries.

IAdea partners Signagelive and Cedemo were awarded the contract by the world's largest video games retailer, GameStop, to build a pan-European digital signage network that will serve to build customer loyalty and, most importantly, drive sales in the approximately 1000 stores in Europe with targeted commercial content.

The digital signage network is based in-store on MBR-1100 media players supplied by IAdea and powered by Signagelives digital signage software. The MBR-1100 is a powerful palm-sized appliance that supports HD video capabilities that would normally require high-powered Windows PCs. With these small media players from IAdea and Signagelive's cloud-based software, Monaco-based Cedemo was able to build its international digital signage network with LCD TVs already installed, resulting in significant infrastructure savings and shorter lead times for content updates.

Signagelive's software supports multiple content formats, including static images, streaming video, IPTV, web pages and RSS feeds. It also integrates QR code technology and all popular social media widgets to maximize electronic point-of-sale activities.

The MBR-1100, IAdea Germany's smallest wireless digital signage player, easily mounts behind touchscreens, signboards, televisions or other displays and, despite its small size, is exceptionally powerful, supporting full-motion HD video and smooth graphics playback.

"The MBR-1100 is ideal for applications where size, convenience and cost are important. Another advantage of the MBR-1100 that should not be underestimated is that its small size and cost, as well as robustness and flexibility, make it ideal as a digital signage retrofit for virtually any display device that has an HDMI port. For example, existing televisions, flat screens, advertising pillars, etc. can be easily equipped with digital signage applications, or when purchasing new digital signage equipment, much more cost-effective devices can be selected," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany.

The MBR-1100 works with WiFi, hardwired Ethernet connection or by means of a USB dongle, the MBR-1100 also acts with 3G/4G mobile radio. Wired LAN access is always useful when real-time content is required on the displays and the nearest hotspot is not within immediate reach. For all other content, even if the hotspot is located further away, the transmission quality via WiFI is perfectly sufficient thanks to the large and powerful antenna of the MBR-1100. This is also true for corresponding radio coverage with 3G or LTE via the additive USB dongle. Another special feature of the smallest IAdea media player for cramped scenarios is the integrated HDMI extension cable. This allows the MBR-1100 to be positioned anywhere behind a display.

Despite its small size, the MBR-1100 is exceptionally powerful, supporting full-motion HD video and smooth graphics playback. Björn Christiansen: "Simply connect the MBR-1100 to power, configure the WiFi. Ethernet or 3G/4G connection and you get a powerful Full HD and HTML5-enabled media player that can handle advanced cloud and web-based content." As with all XMP series media players, the MBR-1100 is also expandable for longer autonomous video playback time with a micro SD card that supports up to 32 GBytes.

For scenarios such as for the largest video game retailer, GameStop, IAdea draws on its ever-growing partner network. For example, Cedemo, a 15-year established leading omni-channel digital marketing specialist, used Signagelive's cloud-based systems-on-chip software to set up the digital signage network for GameStop with around 1000 stores in five European countries in a very short time.

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