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Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany Interview with IAdea Germany Managing Director Björn Christiansen

Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany Interview mit IAdea Deutschland Geschäftsführer Björn Christiansen

You have joined the Cloud Services Made in Germany initiative as a solution partner. What cloud services do you offer?
IAdea Germany is one of the pioneers in Germany for digital signage. Accordingly, our cloud service "DS-Channel", which has been established for about 2 years, also consistently revolves around the topic of digital signage - across all industries by means of a central cloud system for the creation, control and monitoring of signage and display systems.

Question 2:
Why should a user look for cloud services "Made in Germany"?
On the one hand, Made in Germany is a seal of quality - which we not only claim for ourselves, but also do everything in our power to fulfill. On the other hand, there are legal requirements for companies in this country, such as a DSGVO, which must be adhered to. Not only when personal data is entered into the system in hotels for greeting or billing purposes, but also in any interactions with the smart signboards, for example for room bookings in the company. And last but not least, companies in this country want to be partners at eye level and not just a number in the global customer system with maintanance or support that has nothing whatsoever to do with the "Made in Germany" quality seal.

Question 3:
In a survey some time ago, one fifth of respondents described the idea of a "German Cloud" as "garbage". What is your opinion of this statement?
I think common standards, open interfaces, portability as well as IT and data security and data protection are extremely important. As with the General Data Protection Regulation, a uniform German solution would be preferable here - definitely integrated into a European set of rules, as with the GDPR.

Question 4:
What is your forecast for the future development of cloud computing in Germany?
For all the negative things that the current Covid 19 pandemic is currently causing, it does show very clearly that companies that have consistently relied on cloud solutions can now continue to operate much more easily. In particular, this has allowed a large number of people to be sent to the safety of their own four walls and continue to work from there without media disruption. From that perspective, cloud computing, when implemented securely, offers significant advantages that will clearly ensure further penetration of this technology. We introduced this two years ago with our DS Channel solution, and those who are already using our cloud don't have to constantly send staff through the aisles in their retail stores, for example, to update (the price of toilet paper) prices. Because someone from their home office can do that centrally from the cloud "Made in Germany" for all stores at the push of a button.

Björn Christiansen
Managing Partner of IAdea Germany




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