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Intelligent interaction at the POS with digital signage

Increase the benefit of digital signage with AI


(Hamburg, 17.03.2022) Interactive signboards are becoming increasingly important in retail and public spaces for information, orientation or even entertainment at the point of sale. However, their acceptance increasingly demands a fast and intelligent provision of the required information. AI-based solutions anticipate the customer's wishes.

Digital signboards now have a high level of robustness, attractive design and ease of use. To increase their appeal, however, it is essential to have appropriate software that guides the customer to the desired result in just a few steps. responds to this requirement with an "AI stele" that guides the user to his desired result with targeted questions. The company's smart touch terminals enable intelligent interaction and thus lead to a significantly longer dwell time.

The usage process of the AI stelae initially starts with the classic playback of prompt videos or current offers. Through sensors or touching the touch screen, the software automatically changes the content and lets the user interact with the screen. Based on the input, the AI now intelligently provides information that matches the user's profile. As long as the customer interacts with the AI signboard, it remains in interactive mode. If the customer moves away from the signboard, this is recognised and the AI begins to display current offers or videos.

The respective content, including text, videos or images, can be easily entered using's own content management system (CMS). It is also possible to integrate database queries, for example to display the availability of offers and products in real time. All data, queries and interactions are statistically recorded in real time and can be used for analysis by location, region or any group.

The CRM system DS-Channel from enables the provision, design, monitoring and control of the content and is provided in the cloud from German data centres. DS-Channel can be used to control, manage and monitor individual media players, signboards, video walls or steles, as well as to set up extensive digital signage networks centred on the cloud.

"The challenge for digital POS solutions is more and more to anticipate the customer's wishes and to guide them quickly to the available offers. The time available and attention span is often short. Technologies such as AI make it possible to quickly guide suppliers and users to each other," explains Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, Managing Director at

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