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LCD video walls of any Couleur

Digital signage market leader IAdea Deutschland GmbH sets new accents

Schwentinental, 16.08.2017 - Screens are the new tiles - this is the motto under which IAdea Germany markets its LCD video walls. The decisive advantage over conventional video wall solutions: There are no restrictions with the technology of "IAdeaAnyTiles" regarding the number of tiles (screens) that can be linked.

IAdea-Anytiles enables a network of video wall players (IAdea's XMP series, XMP-6250, XMP-7300, XMP-6400) that works for any display and video wall size. IAdea-Anytiles' goal is to change the status quo of traditional video wall solutions. While traditional video wall solutions are constantly limited by the number of displays, with Anytiles there is no limit to the number of screens or pixel quality. From a simple 2 x 2 video wall to a video wall with thousands of displays, video content remains pixel-perfect and scalable at will.

Anytiles is based on the DGA (distributed graphics architecture) display architecture. Similar to the Hadoop distributed computing architecture used in many mainstream cloud computing clusters, DGA uses a large number of system-on-chip GPUs of extremely high resolution to form a large surface. When a screen is added to the video wall, a DGA module is also added. In this way, there is always capacity for the added pixels.

Anytiles also differs from competitive solutions, which are limited to video content only. The highly versatile Anytiles platform supports HTML5 as well as desktop mirroring for playing live content and also allows interactivity.

IAdea's solution can also be retrofitted with existing video wall applications. Thus, a simple upgrade by system developers or integrators can greatly improve video quality and leverage the technological advantages of Anytiles.

For further information, the sales department of IAdea Deutschland GmbH is available for a free consultation at 0431 6687033.

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