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More sales with digital signage

Signboards and media players from IAdea Deutschland GmbH for the stationary retail trade

Schwentinental, 11.12.2017 - What characterizes a good salesperson? Of course, he sells the customer exactly what he needs. Optimal from the customer's point of view, but only half the battle from a business perspective. A good salesperson also offers the customer what he might need in addition: The "extras" on the car purchase, the vacation trip or the warranty extension. In the case of high-priced products, an additional specialist to provide advice usually pays for itself; in understaffed stationary retail, on the other hand, a digital signage solution could take over the advice and, of course, the sale of the "extras".

What the cosmetics industry, for example, is already doing par excellence on the web with its own websites, specialized e-commerce stores or influencers, cannot be done by perfumeries, drugstores or discounters. There is simply a lack of advisory personnel. Digital signage can step in here as a "digital salesperson". Everything that the World Wide Web can do can be integrated into a digital signage solution. For example, the current eyeshadow palette can be explained in detail, the benefits and special features can be advertised, an influencer video can be launched at the same time and, of course, at the same time it can be explained which brush or tools should be used to apply the eyeshadow, which product is recommended for pre-treatment or post-treatment or for finishing. This can of course be set up for almost any type of product, in part in parallel on the displays or menu-controlled with the digital signage solutions from IAdea Germany.

The "XDS-1072" smart signboard from IAdea Deutschland is one of the digital signage expert's cost-effective all-purpose entry-level solutions. The special feature of the 10-inch signboard with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels is that it only needs a single line to the display by using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Thus, the smart signboard "XDS-1072 significantly reduces the cabling effort and meets the need for visual communication in places where there is no unrestricted power supply.

The XDS-1072 is predestined to be a "digital salesman". This is because it also has integrated speakers, touch-sensitive buttons and numerous interfaces, for example, to equip the display with motion sensors. This means that there are virtually no limits to interactivity with the customer in front of the sales shelf or on the presentation counter.

With the robust digital signage media players from IAdea Germany, the 10-inch all-purpose smart signboard with PoE can be trimmed to suit a wide range of application scenarios. Even the entry-level model of IAdea's players, the XMP-6250, solves a variety of digital signage applications in stationary retail. For example, the XMP-6250 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video, as well as advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 playback. The XMP-6250 doesn't have any fans, so it doesn't disturb potential streams with its own noise. However, the XMP-6250 still remains cool even during continuous operation as it has a built-in self-healing mechanism that ensures its functionality regardless of the environmental conditions. Moreover, the IAdea digital signage media player includes a micro SD port that is expandable up to 32 GBytes for longer presentations.

Support for HTML5 and SMIL also allows the XDS-1072 to be customized and personalized at the software level. With these technologies, the device can display a wide range of content, including images, videos, graphics and high-quality fonts. By using JavaScript, it is also possible to display dynamic content such as data from a live database or feed. In addition, the XDS-1072 can also be used to display Google services and social media channels.

By combining the powerful signboards, such as the 10-inch all-rounder XDS-1072 or the 21-inch display from IAdea - even conventional TV flat screens up to large video walls can be combined without any problems - with the robust media players from IAdea, everything that characterizes the modern appearances of today's online competitors is also possible in stationary retail.

IAdea's CMS "SignApps Express", which is already included with the players, covers most of the content provision. In addition, proprietary content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. Those who have special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

IAdea Germany offers a guided live webinar for Signapp Express. This personal webinar is free of charge for buyers and interested parties. Registration for the live webinar can be made at

The current IAdea Digital Signage product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards


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