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Multifunctional digital signage pillar with disinfectant dispenser

Flexible installation options, diverse digital signage content from the cloud and disinfectant dispensers with sensors are combined in the multifunctional stele from the German digital signage pioneer IAdea Deutschland.


(Hamburg, 01.11.2020)  A pedestal with digital signage display and disinfectant dispenser has several advantages: The pedestal can be set up flexibly at any desired location - in the entrance area, at the counter or at the point of sale. Because the disinfectant dispenser is permanently mounted, it requires neither a wall for installation nor a pedestal for placement. And, because everyone needs to disinfect their hands, the pedestal is of course also the best place to place further information or corresponding advertising via digital signage.

For this purpose, the multifunctional "DS Stele" from IAdea Germany has an integrated 15.6-inch display that can play out all digital signage content via the cloud-based digital signage software "DS Channel" from IAdea Germany that comes with it. Via the digital signage cloud software, any content, especially in combination of text, images, video, from the web or social media channels, can be displayed and controlled centrally, independent of time and location. By means of numerous templates, the screen can also be subdivided, several columns defined as groups with the same content or controlled separately. There are no limits to the "DS Channel" digital signage software.

A significant advantage of the disinfectant dispenser is the integrated sensor, so that the disinfectant can be dispensed without contact.

"Set up the pedestal, fill up with disinfectant and connect the digital signage screen - it's hardly easier and faster to realise Corona editions and the possibilities of digital signage," says Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, managing partner of IAdea Germany. The entire construction of the stele, including screen and dispenser, comes from a single source and the digital signage content - whether instructions on how to behave on site, important information or promotional content -   can be created and controlled with the proven cloud-based digital signage software "DS Channel" from the German cloud of IAdea Germany.

Backgrounder for the digital signage software "DS Channel" from the German cloud

Content can be created, monitored and controlled conveniently and cost-effectively with IAdea Germany's own CRM system "DS-Channel", which is provided from the cloud in German data centres. DS-Channel is free of charge for the first three years, is hosted in the IAdea-Germany cloud and can be operated at any time from any location. These are among the most important advantages of cloud computing and why IAdea Germany provides its own native digital signage cloud communication platform with "DS-Channel".

DS-Channel can be used to control, manage and monitor individual media players, signboards, video walls or steles as well as to set up extensive digital signage networks centred on the cloud.

The DS-Channel digital signage communication platform is free of charge for the first three years in conjunction with the DS-Channel media players, signboards, video walls and steles from IAdea Germany. After that, the licence for DS-Channel costs only 36 euros per player and year.

The advantages of DS-Channel are manifold: all digital signage content is created centrally in the cloud via the content management system and played out from there to the corresponding media players via the playlists. Thus, no technical staff is required on site and the creation, control and monitoring of the content can be done from any location and at any time.

With DS-Channel, a central digital signage platform can be set up for almost any purpose across all sectors. The underlying content management system of DS-Channel is so intuitive that even non-digital signage specialists can "conjure up" sophisticated content on their digital advertising spaces. The numerous ready-made design templates are also helpful. The robust media players support all common screen sizes and formats as well as kiosk systems and video walls.

In addition to the benefits of the cloud and its free connectivity, as well as the intuitive content management system, DS-Channel offers numerous other benefits including

  • the suitability for single systems, small networks up to highly scalable cloud-centric digital signage networks with thousands of locations and displays,
  • the ability to play out campaigns with meta-data based scheduling,
  • intelligent, dynamic hot folders based on meta-data tagging for folders or content,
  • the creation of XML templates to import data sources from other systems,
  • support for beacons with distance and motion sensors to switch content,
  • the creation of playout reports and overviews of device availability,
  • support for interactive kiosk applications,
  • additional widgets for weather or the integration of social network channels, and
  • a QR code generator to automatically display dynamic links as QR codes.

"The strengths of our media players, signboards, video walls and stelae come into their own with our next generation DS-Channel digital signage platform. Fail-safety, robustness and durability of the hardware paired with the centralised and time as well as location-independent management from the cloud, massively reduces the effort for maintenance and care of a digital signage network and does not require specialised staff on site or for the creation and distribution of the digital signage content," explains Kiel-based entrepreneur Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen. "This makes the new DS channel digital signage solutions from IAdea Germany ideally suited to enhancing the brand experience and improving consistent brand communication in stationary retail across all sectors," Christiansen continues. The same applies equally to informing employees in larger corporate networks, for general information, for queue optimisation or also generally for entertaining visitors in hotels, hospitals, restaurants or practices of any kind.

For more information about the Desinfect Stele, Digital Signage Displays, Digital Signage Touch Screens and Digital Signage Software, please contact the sales team of IAdea Deutschland GmbH at 040 180 241 080 and Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

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