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Outdoor digital signage places high demands on reliability

New Smart-Touch Outdoor Stelae from



(Hamburg, 05.09.2022) Digital info terminals are becoming increasingly popular outdoors. Their use in highly frequented public places generates the greatest possible attention. However, the corresponding steles must meet high requirements in terms of product design, robustness and functionality. With the Smart-Touch Outdoor Terminals of the XTS series, presents two new steles for outdoor use that combine robustness with convenient operation.

The areas of application for digital terminals in outdoor areas are diverse. They are used as tourist information, in local traffic or as advertising media to actively draw the attention of passers-by to corresponding offers in the vicinity. In order to fulfil their task reliably, they must fulfil completely different requirements with regard to product design in contrast to indoor systems. This refers, for example, to weather resistance even at extreme temperatures, robustness against improper operation or the ability of the monitors to be readable even in high sunlight. For efficient operation, simple installation and cloud-based management are nevertheless essential.

With the XTS outdoor terminals, offers two steles for outdoor use with 55 or 75 inch LCD touch panels, which are characterised by high luminosity of 2,500cd, a capacitive touch that can be deactivated if required and a pre-installed smart player. Equipped with a powerful quad-core CPU, 16GB of internal memory and LTE, WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth network connections, they can be flexibly integrated and controlled. To work reliably under changing conditions, a photosensitive brightness control and a temperature control system are built in. Both versions have plug-and-play functionality.

For easy installation, management, content creation and control, digitalSIGNAGE provides cloud-based software that is included for 3 years. The DS Channel package also includes pre-configured player modules, qualified consulting and ongoing technical support as well as advanced replacement services, personal webinars or even test accounts.

"Outdoor is in. Today, a mobile society expects an appropriate orientation aid at every location, and technology enables us to provide this flexibly," explains Dipl.-Kfm. Björn Christiansen, Managing Director at "However, the technical tasks to be solved are anything but trivial. Corresponding systems must be prepared for a variety of extreme requirements. An offer that does not work is counterproductive in any case. This requires the consideration of a worst case already in the product design."

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