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Room booking at any time from any place

Meeting room management through digital door signs from IAdea & Concierge Companion cloud solution.

(Schwentinental, 01.08.18) Concierge offers innovative and flexible display solutions for meeting rooms including reporting and booking via Microsoft Exchange or Office as well as Google G Suite and its own solution "Companion". Concierge Companion, however, is above all a powerful reporting engine for meeting rooms with site-wide status monitoring and configuration consistency checks. Concierge's digital signage meeting room solutions are also available now exclusively through IAdea Germany.

Meeting rooms are often a source of annoyance: occupied but not booked or, conversely, booked but then not occupied. The latter thus blocks the conference room in the booking system. In addition to incorrect planning, the different booking systems or lack of feedback also cause inefficient utilization of the rooms.

Concierge-Companion eliminates this nuisance by using its powerful reporting engine to match bookings, display unconfirmed bookings, perform a site-wide consistency check of booking and display equipment, and monitor the status and configuration of the digital signage components of the conference room solution.

Concierge has been using IAdea's signboards and media players as digital signage components for years. This partnership is now bidirectional in this country: Concierge Companion and the cloud-based complete conference room solution are now available exclusively through IAdea Germany.

Concierge is an innovative and flexible solution for visualizing information about meeting rooms and their bookings. The Concierge system can not only display what's coming up, but can also be used to direct visitors to the premises, show available meeting rooms and facilitate bookings on the spot, for important ad-hoc meetings and gatherings. To do this, the concierge system can be used with any type of display that has an HDMI input. The information can be displayed in portrait or landscape format. If the displays are also touch-enabled, multiple pages can even be "scrolled", "slid" or displayed in an interactive menu structure.

Concierge Companion not only allows web-based monitoring of all displays and media players integrated in the digital signage network, but also allows bookings to be made directly and the corresponding graphics, overviews, etc. to be created and played out individually on the displays. The conference room system is also compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google G Suite and SQL Server, so that bookings can be made directly from these systems.

The powerful reporting engine provides numerous reports, from meeting room utilization according to defined intervals, to booking behavior, error analysis, etc., ensuring that meeting rooms are used efficiently.

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