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Hamburg-based digital signage pioneer offers complete solutions including 3 years of Cloud CMS


(Hamburg, 29.12.2022) How can target-group-specific advertising be optimally implemented? How can attention be attracted without being obtrusive? The answer: digital signage. Audio-visual, optionally interactive content can be used to attract and retain customers. But this popular technology is not a foregone conclusion. Success can only be achieved with a well thought-out concept, high-quality hardware and software and the support of industry professionals. Like Distribution GmbH from Hamburg.

From the pinboard to the touchscreen

You can still find them occasionally, in public authorities, schools or supermarkets: notice boards that inform about current events. But the number of analogue noticeboards is dwindling - and making room for the virtual technology of digital signage as a digital noticeboard. The field of application of advertising and information systems is extremely extensive. It includes electronic display boards, digital door signs, large screens in outdoor areas and even interactive applications with gesture recognition.

Professional, personal, project-oriented

With good reason, is considered an undisputed pioneer in the field of digital signage. When many marketing experts were still completely unaware of today's popular virtual advertising revolution, Distribution already recognised its potential. Today, more than 90 percent of all retailers follow the trend on which the founding of the company in 2009 was based. The focus is exclusively on the highest quality of all goods and services offered.

This is guaranteed by the sale and distribution of products that are produced for 24/7 continuous use and are delivered including a 3-year digital signage cloud CMS . However, Distribution does not only stand out from its competitors with its state-of-the-art technologies. It also convinces with its service offers. Because in addition to detailed consultations, individual concept developments and their implementations, customers can rely on further services. Even after the installation of the smart signboard or media player, they are supported in all matters relating to their digital signage. The experienced customer service and the transparently designed website are available in German and English - throughout Europe. The exclusive installation partner is MNS Media Network Solutions GmbH from Hamburg,

In Germany alone, the specialist company has already installed over 100,000 virtual signage systems. And this for companies of all sizes and sectors - from retailers to hotels, schools and clinics to airports. Because all offers are individually tailored.

Maximum efficiencyBy using the high-quality and comprehensive solutions of Distribution GmbH, customers kill several birds with one stone. Because compared to passive advertising such as posters, digital signage serves as an eye-catcher and consulting platform at the same time. It is an idea generator, sales representative and shop window all in one. It can be used to spread individual messages worldwide - even after closing time and extremely cost-efficiently. For a whole three years, all you have to pay is the one-off purchase fee for the desired hardware. The appropriate software is included in the price, and content can be changed at any time without additional costs.

For detailed advice on the topic of digital noticeboards, the sales team is available on tel. 040 180 241 080 and

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