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Room booking via Outlook, Exchange, Google & Notes

Digital door sign for Outlook, Exchange, Google & Notes

Digital door sign for O365, Exchange & Google Calendar

Better meetings with the Smart Door Signboard from Room booking via Outlook, Exchange, Google & Notes!

Digital Signage Player & Signboards from the market leader

Only with us:

3 years Digital Signage Cloud Software included*.

* = from the 4th year Euro 48 plus VAT / device / year.

DS Channel Digital Signage Cloud Software: User-friendly. Cloud-based. Ready to go right away.

Our all-round carefree package:

  • 3 years premium digital signage software made in Germany included, from the 4th year: Euro 48 / display / year.
  • Integration of existing SOC players (Android, Samsung, Philips, LG) & Windows PC possible at special conditions.
  • Preconfigured Profi Player modules for connection to the elegant Profi Display for immediate start.
  • Qualified advice and support.
  • Advanced Replacement Service.
  • Personal webinar & test account possible before purchase.
  • Short introduction to CMS, player & playlist management after purchase.
  • Intensive DS Channel Webinar as recording included.
  • Ongoing technical support via ticket system.
  • Optional: Multi-client reseller licence DS Channel Pro.

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DS Channel Pro & RoomCloud service as a cloud alternative to our client-installed product Digital Room Management offers you many benefits:

Easy to set up
Our easy-to-use cloud solution saves you long installation and set-up efforts. Even if something changes in your rooms: you can make all adjustments for all rooms online.

Support for popular calendar systems
You already use Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google Calendar? Then you can get started right away. You don't need any additional software here. We will also be happy to implement connections for you for other calendar software.

We provide a variety of layouts and settings for the screens. If the right one is not there, we can also make customisations.

Benefits for companies
Use their meeting rooms efficiently and avoid being disturbed during meetings.

Benefits for hotels
Provide visually appealing signage for your guests. An additional signpost at the reception desk ensures that your customers can find their way immediately.

With's RoomCloud service, it is easy to use a variety of supported signboards (e.g. XDS-1078D, XDS-1588D, XDS-2288D) as digital door signs. This makes it clear directly in front of a meeting room whether this room is free or occupied, which events are in this room and what the occupancy for the next few days looks like.

  1. The company's meeting rooms are managed using standard calendar software (e.g.: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or Google Calendar).
  2. The RoomCloud service retrieves the room occupancy data from the calendar software and prepares this. Furthermore, all settings for the digital door sign are made with the RoomCloud service (layout, logo and various metadata). The prerequisite for this is that the standard calendar software is accessible via the Internet (via the Exchange Web Service "EWS" from Microsoft or the Google API) and is configured correctly.
  3. The digital door sign connects to the RoomCloud service and retrieves and displays the processed reservation data and settings. This makes it possible to see whether the room is free or occupied, when the next booked appointments are and much more.
  4. The digital door sign connects to the RoomCloud service and displays the prepared reservation data and settings.
  5. Instead of the RoomCloudService (subscription), a version RoomCloudService LOCAL (one-time payment) can also be purchased for local installation.


  • No own infrastructure within the company network is necessary. (If desired, the RoomCloudService LOKAL variant can be chosen as an alternative to local installation.)
  • Adaptations easily possible via the Internet.
  • Only the configuration of the standard calendar software is necessary.
  • The system is subsequently easy to use and expand without on-site technicians and IT staff.
  • No extra software needed on the signboards. The system works with the standard software that is installed on the signboards at delivery.
  • Simple and effective design, but customisation and development possible.
  • No installation of additional software necessary, as work can be done with normally already existing programmes (Outlook, Google Calendar).
  • If the meeting rooms are already organised with Outlook anyway, the process does not need to be changed. Thus, all
  • Staff training and the efficiency of the room organisation is not affected.
  • On-site bookings on the calendar are possible.

Connection of the Roomcloud service to the calendar

  • Standard calendar software required (e.g.: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 or Google Calendar).
  • The standard calendar software must be accessible via the internet. This is the case by default with Office 365 and Google Calendar. If a separate Exchange service is operated, the Exchange Web Service, or "EWS" for short, must be configured correctly.
  • A separate calendar is created for each room for room booking.
  • The Room Cloud Service retrieves the reservation data of the rooms individually.

Connection of the Digital Door Sign to the Web Service

  • On the digital door label, the network (WLAN, Ethernet/POE) is configured once.
  • The digital door label is located in the local network and must be able to reach the RoomCloud service on the Internet.
  • The RoomCloud Service is configured from which calendar the occupancy data should be displayed at the door sign.

Further information regarding the display (layout, logo) as well as various metadata for the digital door sign can be configured here.


For a new digital door label, several settings must be made: Language, time zone and network connection are standard settings. Afterwards, only the endpoint must be configured ("Set content" button). All other settings as well as the software updates and the occupancy data are synchronised by the Room Cloud Service.

Robust hardware

Glass with hard coating - as strong as Gorilla Glass.

Secure playback
With clips for power plug/ ethernet cable/ microSD card

Reliable software

Scheduled monitoring
Automatic restart for own recovery under unexpected conditions

Reliable media playback from plus crash-proof mechanism