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Warranty conditions Distribution GmbH offers the following warranty periods for devices that have been professionally installed in accordance with the installation instructions:

36 months

Any exceptions can be found in the offer text of the individual products.

All design defects, material defects and manufacturing defects are covered by the warranty. Statutory warranty claims are not affected by this guarantee.

Excluded from the guarantee are:

  • Incorrect assembly or installation
  • Non-observance of the installation and operating instructions
  • Improper handling
  • External influences such as knocks, blows or the effects of the weather
  • Repairs and modifications by unauthorised third parties
  • Use of unsuitable accessories
  • Damage due to inadmissible overvoltages (e.g. lightning strike)

The warranty requires that the new device was purchased from Distribution GmbH or a specialist dealer of Distribution GmbH. This must be proven by submitting a copy of the invoice. Defects occurring during the warranty period shall be remedied by Distribution GmbH free of charge by repair or replacement of the parts concerned or by delivery of an equivalent replacement or new device. Replacement deliveries or repairs for warranty reasons do not lead to a general extension of the original warranty period.

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