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IAdea Germany XMP-7300D

Extremely robust

The XMP-7300D's rugged design ensures uninterrupted performance even in the face of shock and vibration.

Extremely robust

The video will still play even if a truck drives over it!

Wide temperature range

The XMP-7300D is designed to operate continuously between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

Wide temperature range

Perfect for professional and industrial applications.

Less CO2 emission

The XMP-7300D generates 6x less CO2 compared to PC solutions. Join our green initiative.

Less CO2 emission

Greener, cleaner and more affordable! Replace your PC solutions with today.


Interactive contact with customers is one of the keys to success. The XMP-7300D helps you do just that.


Perfect for wayfinding, movie showtimes, product selection, and an immeasurable wealth of other possibilities!

Amazing 4K Ultra HD with HTML5

In addition to all the other features of our full HD players, the XMP-7300D offers 4K full playback. Integrate 4K full video and 4K HTML5 full playback for dynamic presentations. We support H.265/HEVC codecs for full-resolution 4K video playback at high bitrates for artifact-free crystal-clear UHD video. Like our HD players, the XMP-7300D runs without a fan and can operate in high temperatures up to 50°C/122 F.

Possible applications of the XMP-7300D

When you need unprecedented crystal-clear images, the XMP-7300D is the player for you. Drive the largest 4K displays without the slightest pixel error, and bring UHD to video walls for the highest resolution images. Your 4K video and HTML5 will shine and make the best displays look as sharp as can be.

„True 4K“

The XMP-7300D delivers "True 4K" footage - with pixel-perfect video AND HTML5. Check the specs; many other 4K players downgrade HTML5 content to 1080p, but not the XMP-7300D. It brings the power for full 4K HTML5 and combines it with video for simply stunning digital signage. For video, we support the HEVC/H.265 codecs required for UHD playback.

HTML5 everywhere

Like all our media players, the XMP-7300D supports advanced HTML5 playback. We use the same rendering engine that is integrated in Google Chrome: WebKit. This enables rendering of JavaScript, CSS, SMIL and W3C widgets. Your HTML5 developers can create great real-time interactive content that plays either offline with the W3C widget format or online with direct connections to the Internet. Our players include a StrongCache feature that allows most online HTML5 content to continue playing even if the network goes down. XMP-7300D - Other features and characteristics

What else makes the XMP-7300D so great? This HTML5 and True 4K digital signage device combines the best features in a palm-sized device that's best suited for professional installations, outdoor spaces, and video walls.

Logo in video

What good is the best advertising without a logo? For content with static images, it's easy to integrate a logo - but what about dynamic, animated video? The XMP-7300D is the number one player worldwide. Don't be limited by other players - gives you the freedom to place your logo and data in video content wherever you want. Check out our demo!

Direct YouTube streaming

For restaurants and pubs, businesses and schools, direct YouTube streaming via IP video is a great way to capture the attention of their target audiences. With's user-friendly firmware functionality, all you need to do is enter the URL of a YouTube video and you're ready to go. Perfect for reliable digital signage in restaurants.

Content rotation

Every system integrator has customers from diverse industries. In each industry, digital signage is used differently. Switching between landscape and portrait format as well as different moods for different modes are possible with just one click! Easy switching between various orientations. Layouts with multiple zones are also available.

AnyTiles integrated's award-winning, pixel-accurate and infinitely expandable AnyTiles technology is integrated into the XMP-7300D and offers the highest standard for video wall solutions. Learn more on the AnyTiles microsite!

4K in real time

Your content is never the same! No limitations, no concessions to multiple zone and viewing modes. With the XMP-7300D, 4K takes on a whole new definition. See the difference between True 4K and scaled 4K with our solution.


The Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) is designed for use in entertainment and communications systems as a controller for streaming media servers. Multiple XMP-7300D devices play video streams from a single multicast streaming server, making installation and configuration simple. Perfect for hospitality and airport applications.