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Smart Canvas Signboard 26,5 Cloud

Smart Canvas Signboard 26,5 Cloud


Digital signage solutions

Our solutions aim to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time. Excellent image quality, improved functionality and ease of use guarantee the success of your digital marketing.

  • Particularly slim and lightweight design
  • High resolution and color reproduction
  • Integrated Smart Player with 3 years Cloud CMS included

Integrated Smart Player

Integrated Smart Player with 3 years Cloud CMS | Excellent view from any angle | Square display

The LCD poster for retail signage applications

Smart Canvas All-In-One Signboards are optimized for indoor digital signage. The incredible thickness of less than 4 cm allows installation in shop windows and tight spaces. The extremely advanced anti-glare coating makes the screens perfect for bright environments. The integrated 24/7 media player turns the screen into an all-in-one solution.





1:1 Square Signage

26.5 " with poster-like image quality
Ultra high resolution of 1920x1920px

The perfect appearance

The Smart Canvas All-In-One signboards are displayed like printed posters - no visible pixels - it doesn't get more realistic than this.


Easy to integrate

Due to its thinness, Smart Canvas All-In-One Signboards can be incorporated into any retail space. Mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling, Smart Canvas All-In-One Signboards blend seamlessly into the shop environment.An image that includes gallery, room, photo, scene. Automatically generated description.




Upload content from a distance

It's easy to upload your own content to the Smart Canvas All-In-One Signboard. With the integrated WiFi module, the signboard is connected to the network and the Internet. This allows content to be uploaded via the DS Channel Cloud!






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