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Digital signage enhances the hotel experience

IAdea Deutschland GmbH CEO Björn Christiansen: "Holistic digital signage solution for hotels in use throughout Europe".

Schwentinental, 20.11.2017 - Alongside comfort and hospitality, inspiration and information are crucial for the hotel industry. Because only satisfied guests will book again. In this environment, digital signage is predestined to optimize customer satisfaction, well-being and the customer experience. With its media players, signboards, touchscreens and modular video walls, IAdea Germany offers a holistic digital signage hotel solution from the underground car park, lobby, elevators and rooms to internal and external events and services.

When you check into a hotel, you first have a thousand questions about your new surroundings: the most obvious questions are how to get to your room, the breakfast room or the restaurant, the conference or the meeting room, but also about the WLAN password, internal and external events, specific shopping facilities, services such as laundry and ironing services, cabs, public transport or car rental services, etc. The lobby is usually the place to find the information you need. In most cases, there is a confusing array of flyers, handouts or business cards in the lobby, or you have to ask the often overworked receptionist or concierge or struggle through the unstructured pages of the Internet yourself via smartphone & Co. In short: a customer experience that has little in common with inspiration, information, comfort or hospitality.

Almost all relevant information can be displayed on the intuitive signboards and touchscreens, whether in the underground parking garage, lobby, elevator, corridor, room, etc. Descriptions, services or special offers can be viewed directly with a click, or further actions can be triggered or booked directly with just a few clicks. Large panels or video walls provide multimedia inspiration for your own or external events, experience opportunities in the surrounding area or draw attention to further services.

Although comfort and hospitality are characterized by the interior and staff, digital signage also helps to increase the sense of well-being in the new environment. Comfort is increased mainly by the ease of accessing information in a structured way via digital signage and hospitality, by a variety of "personal" such as a friendly "welcome video", recommendations from the chef, inspiration from the wellness department and much more.

There are almost no limits to the variety of own ideas, entertainment, services and individual flair to enhance the hospitality experience with the possibilities of IAdea Germany's solutions. The powerful and robust media players work with HTML5 and SMIL , so that all content from the World-Wide-Web, videos, images, high-quality fonts, social media feeds, widgets, services, etc. can be displayed in custom or predefined templates on all IAdea Deutschland display variants or on existing modern TV sets.

For this purpose, IAdea Germany offers "SignApps Express", a uniform digital signage software that is also included free of charge with all media players and signboards from IAdea and can already cover most use cases of creative digital signage applications. In most cases, the company's own content management systems can also be integrated without much effort. If you have special cases or very specific requirements, you can also fall back on IAdea's partner network. For example, there are partners who are generally familiar with the hospitality environment and partners who specialize in individual requirements for booking systems, conference room solutions, cloud or legacy integrations. The XMP-7300, a 4K media player, from IAdea Germany, for example, is the perfect player for the hotel and hospitality industry. It can be used for the entire hotel complex: From digital signage on all levels, for displaying additional information, services, menus, events, focus areas or for controlling the video walls. IAdea media players are robust appliances, both physically and hardware-wise. For example, the normally wear-sensitive flash memories are optimized for 24/7 operation. The Android operating system used is also immune to failure and compromise through additional integrated security solutions. In short, according to Björn Christiansen, managing director of IAdea Germany, "The XMP-7300 is designed for year-round continuous operation and also includes a self-healing mechanism to remain active without staff intervention. This allows hotel staff to focus entirely on their guests and not have to worry about the technology. The XMP-7300 is part of IAdea Germany & our local partners' holistic digital signage solution, which is already in use hundreds of times across Europe."

IAdea Germany offers a guided live webinar for Signapp Express. This personal webinar is free of charge for buyers and interested parties. Registration for the live webinar can be done at

The current IAdea Digital Signage product series includes the 24/7 Digital Signage Players & Signboards


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