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IAdea AnyTiles™ activates digital signage 18K video wall in China's "new Manhattan".

Support for Hadoop-like Distributed Graphics Architecture (DGA®) enables pixel-perfect video walls with infinite scalability

Schwentinental, May 09, 2016 - IAdea Germany, the leader in providing innovative digital signage platforms, announces that its innovative AnyTiles™ video wall solution is now powering a 10-meter-wide video wall in Shanghai's Hongqiao business district, delivering informative and interactive content at 18K resolution across 36 ultra-flat displays. According to its official promotional video, the business district is set to become the "New Manhattan" of China.

AnyTiles™ is DGA-compatible and stitches together a large number of independent, off-the-shelf graphics hardware into a single large, coordinated display - similar to the Hadoop architecture, which unites a large number of off-the-shelf computers into borderless computing clusters. While Hadoop is beginning to run software solutions from Google, Facebook, SAP and IBM to achieve more affordable and scalable computing, IAdea is using DGA for its AnyTiles™ video wall system worldwide with ongoing developments. The Hongqiao project in Shanghai was completed about a month ago.

AnyTiles™ offers the following benefits and features: - Nearly unlimited options in pixel resolution and number of displays that can be added to a video wall - Cross-screen frame-accurate synchronization - Cost and power efficient by using standard SoC parts - Built-in fault tolerance for extremely high reliability - Supports complex content including HTML5 as well as legacy software

"Within this multi-billion digital signage sector, huge video walls are becoming increasingly popular. However, today's video wall market lacks a standardized mechanism for ultra-high resolution digital content, and DGA is the answer," says Björn Christiansen of IAdea Germany. "We are very pleased to have been selected to serve as the centerpiece for the most advanced and highest quality video walls in Shanghai. IAdea is committed to developing innovative technologies to meet the new challenges of the emerging video wall market."

The AnyTiles™ solution is currently available on the IAdea XMP-7300 digital signage media device. A video showcasing the video wall can be found online at

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