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10″ XDS-1078/M-Smart-Signboards

(Schwentinental, 20.08.18) In addition to PoS applications, the 10″ XDS-1078/M smart signboards are particularly in demand in conference rooms, as they can be used not only for internal and external signage of the premises, but also as a booking solution and universal control panel for conferences, and a wide range of add-on functions can be integrated via NFC.

By integrating NFC, a technology for data transmission over short distances, the multitouch signboards can be used to open up further diverse applications with the advantages of digital signage. For example, NFC-enabled badges or ID cards can be used to immediately realize on-site booking of the premises. There is no need for typing, authentication or booking via a website.

Similarly, the integration of motion sensors enables a wide range of interactions at the PoS. For example, the signboard uses motion sensors to automatically detect a person in front of the display and play out the specified content. Six touch buttons can be used to initiate further interactions. These can be in-depth information on the product, an explanatory or application video, testamonials from customers, a call for a specialist, additional products, special offers or services, and much more.

The signboards can also be visually customized. With LED frames on the sides and even the front frame of the XDS-1078/M is interchangeable and can be specifically adapted to a theme, a campaign or the corporate identity.

Installation of the 10-inchers is also extremely flexible: since the signboards use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), all that is needed is a PoE LAN cable. The XDS-1078/M can be used as a stand-alone device or mounted on the wall as well as on glass.

MagicInfo is Samsung's digital signage software for managing, monitoring and controlling all of Samsung's display solution products. MagicInfo's many features not only allow users to create schedules and play content sequences of media content, but also automate management processes or monitor and control content remotely.

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