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19-inch digital signage signboard for more information space

(Schwentinental, 02.07.2018) "If it can be a bit more." What are common words in southern Germany for a significant premium is often an immense added value in digital signage when it comes to screen size - especially if the display is to be divided into several zones to offer a wider range of information at the same time. With the "XDS-1990", IAdea Germany has a 19-inch smart signboard up its sleeve that meets precisely such requirements.

Digital signage specialist IAdea Germany presents the "XDS-1990", a smart signboard in 19-inch format. The 19-inch size (diagonal with 48.26 centimeters) is intended both for the signage of premises in companies or hotels, as well as in stand-alone environments such as in bars, restaurants or stationary retail. This is because, in addition to pure information such as information about the premises, activity, menu or offer, this format (portrait or landscape) is ideal for integrating further additional services in menu or interactive structure up to infotainment.

In the digital signage sector, retail and hotel chains in particular rely on this format to offer additional services, social media, advertising and infotainment in addition to pure information. In general, however, like all smart signboards from IAdea Germany, the XDS-1990 is designed as a digital signage all-rounder for stand-alone as well as hospitality, retail and corporate environments. The signboards combine HD media playback, robust design and commercial functionality as stand-alone public display or built-in variants for enterprise-wide solutions.

New features have also been added to all smart signboards in the XDS Series. The XDS series now shines with an even more robust hardening of the operating system, enhanced security features, and improved content management and remote maintenance systems. The signboards are also specialized for even more use cases through the continuous expansion of IAdea's partner ecosystem.

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels as an HD display, for example, the XDS-1990 is ideally equipped for stand-alone environments in bars, restaurants, kiosks, boutiques, waiting rooms and much more. As a built-in version, it can also be fitted into furniture or into frames with the individual corporate identity. In corporate use, it also plays to its strengths through the numerous partner solutions of the IAdea ecosystem, from interactive signage and conference room technology to infotainment.

The superior image quality, thanks to the latest wide-angle technology, allows customers to view displayed images, text or videos in both portrait and landscape mode from almost any angle. At the same time, the HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels is extremely resistant. The display surface is made of scratch-resistant tempered glass, which is two times stronger for commercial applications, and is embedded in a robust steel casing.

The internal hardware and software are also designed for robustness, with measures such as a backup battery, failover, hardened Android operating system and security protection against misuse and corruption. For example, the system memory of the fanless XDS-1990 uses 8 GBytes of dedicated, shock-resistant solid-state memory for 24/7 uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, in the event of infrequent failure events such as lightning strikes, etc., timed hardware monitoring ensures automatic recovery without human intervention.

In general, the smart signboards from IAdea Germany are available as "PublicDisplay" for stand-alone environments or as "built-in" for integration into a variety of furniture or frames. Common to all variants of the XDS series are the numerous connection options via Ethernet, WLAN, USB or Micro-USB and extensions via SD cards, sensors, etc. The displays of the XDS series are also available as interactive, capacitive 10-finger multi-touch systems with optional brightness up to 700 cd.

In addition, no additional cabling is required: simply connect to the power and local network and stream content over the pre-designed layouts using the included "SignApps Express" digital signage software.

"IAdea Germany's new XDS-1990 19-inch smart signboard is a complete professional digital signage solution, combining media playback, a robust design and commercial functionality in an affordable digital signage solution, while being foolproof to install and remotely controlled at the touch of a button," explains Björn Christiansen, Managing Director of IAdea Germany.

In addition to robust media players as well as brilliant and powerful signboards and video walls, the software for creating and displaying the content is crucial. IAdea Germany offers "SignApps Express", a uniform digital signage software that is included free of charge with all media players and signboards from IAdea.

Thanks to a variety of predefined templates, which can be easily modified and enriched with widgets according to the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) principle, there are no limits to individual creativity. Content can be based on video, PowerPoint, images, music, high-quality fonts and custom widgets.

With the general support of HTML5 and SMIL, the content to be displayed can be customized and personalized even more. With these technologies, media players can display a wide range of content, such as images, videos, graphics and high-quality fonts. By using Javascript, it is also possible to display dynamic content such as data from a live database or feed, or from a wide range of social media channels.

In addition, own content management systems can usually be integrated without much effort. Those who have special cases or very specific requirements can also fall back on IAdea's partner network.

For larger installations, especially installations at several locations, the new remote monitoring system "IAdea-Care" has been developed: "IAdeaCare is an intelligent device and management service that ensures 24/7 operation of digital signage solutions. To do this, the remote maintenance service combines and correlates the wealth of real-time tracking information and monitoring data to proactively predict and prioritize potential failures and respond remotely accordingly.

IAdeaCare allows for firmware updates, configuration management and troubleshooting remotely. This enables technicians and administrators in the IT or audio visual (AV) teams of enterprises, integrators or system houses to use predictive analytics to ensure uninterrupted operation of digital signage solutions around the globe.

For detailed advice, please contact the sales department of IAdea Deutschland GmbH at or phone 0800 72400 98.


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