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About us

Concierge Display

About us

Concierge Displays

Concierge Displays is an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne. The company was born when the founding directors realised there was no easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate management system for meeting and conference rooms. So our engineers got to work and developed our first meeting and conference room booking display in 2014. Thousands of meeting rooms worldwide are used on time and on schedule with Concierge Meeting Room Displays. More >

The next step was to develop an effective way to combine the meeting room displays into one meeting room plan. This led to the development of the Concierge Meeting Room Summary Display. More >

To complement Concierge Displays, we have developed Concierge Companion. In addition to several practical features such as health monitoring across the site, configuration consistency checks and hosting for the graphics package, Companion also offers a powerful reporting engine. More >

Concierge Displays products are distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland exclusively by IAdea Deutschland GmbH.