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Admission control system with visitor counting

DS Visitor Control - The smart and flexible admission control system

DS Visitor Control is the flexible access control system for buildings and areas

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, various federal states have introduced restrictions on people entering buildings. DS Visitor Control is a digital access control system for fully automated and smart access control.
DS Visitor Control fulfils the requirements of the authorities and responds to the customers' needs. DS Visitor Control is highly individual and can be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. public buildings, outdoor areas, trade fairs and retail.

The principle

Simple and smart counting of visitors

Innovative sensor technology is used to automatically count people in buildings. All system components communicate with each other.

Depending on how many people are already in the building, customers are informed visually and acoustically via a traffic light system whether they may enter or should wait.

During the waiting time, important information such as hygiene instructions and rules of conduct are displayed to the customers.

DS Visitor Principle

We find the perfect solution for your individual application

We offer you the perfect access control system - whether outdoor or indoor

Use cases

DS Visitor Control is highly individual and enables a wide range of applications.

DS Visitor Control is flexible and offers special industry solutions. Whether retail, public authorities, hospitals, trade fairs, events or amusement parks - DS Visitor Control is your first choice!

In addition to the DS Visitor Control software, the system consists of four components that can be supplemented and expanded depending on the use case:

  • Sensors
  • a visualisation system
  • the DS Visitor Control app
  • Reporting
DS Visitor Principle
DS Visitor Sensors


Different technologies can be used for the sensors - e.g. infrared, 3D or laser.

This makes the sensors independent of specific measurement methods, usable outdoors and DSGVO-compliant. In addition, they allow functions such as AI-assisted measurement, heat mapping and the detection of a mouth-nose protection.

DS Visitor Visualisation


The hardware can be used flexibly for visualisation. Each type of visualisation has a simple access control communication (stop/go).

Screens and pillars also have a freely designable area for instructions on how to behave in the area (e.g. keep your distance, wear mouth/nose protection).

DS Visitor App

DS Visitor Control-App

With the DS Visitor Control service app, you have the option of manually intervening in the access control at any time and switching the capacity control of the traffic lights.

In addition, you and your staff have access to the current counter reading, the traffic light display, set-up measuring zones and the adjustment of the number of visitors at any time.

DS Visitor Reporting


Reporting enables the evaluation and visualisation of customer flows using business intelligence software.

This gives you access to the utilisation of public areas and measuring zones, the average waiting time of the customer, statistics on the total number of customers and the number of people in measuring zones in real time. You also have various connection options, e.g. on your own website.

Visitor Control in action at Cologne Zoo

Visitor Control in action at Cologne Zoo

Visitor Control in use at Cologne Zoo. The system clearly communicates via a traffic light when visitors are allowed to enter. In addition, there will also be acoustic warnings.

Visitor Control in action at the Hippodom in Cologne Zoo

Visitor Control in use at Cologne Zoo. The system detects access via sensors and switches to red when the maximum number of visitors is reached. Here at the Hippodom.

Cologne Zoo relies on Visitor Control to also secure access to Hippodom

Cologne Zoo uses visitor control to secure access to Hippodom as well. This way, the visitor can enjoy the animals in a relaxed way.


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