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Digital advertising display for the point of sale

Digital signage application for retail sales promotion

Digital signage for the retail trade

Digital signage for the retail trade's media players and signboards generate a dynamic and engaging customer experience in retail. With our range from the smallest displays for sales counters to robust 4K players, you can create a digital journey of discovery through your shop. Our players deliver reliable operation with smooth video playback and HTML5 playback, allowing you to create announcements and promotional messages in real time and showcase your brand in the right light.

High performance meets high quality

Our Smart Player 4K Cloud leaves nothing to be desired: Your content is scaled to any video wall solution in Ultra HD 4K quality!

When you choose one at, you also get a free 3-year Digital Signage Cloud Starter CMS connection.

  • Absolutely smooth 4K product videos

  • Animated HTML5 advertisement

  • Data-driven special promotions

  • Social media in real time

Marketing on the sales counter

Power-over-Ethernet Web Signboard

Bring your sales counter displays to life with the 10-inch screens from Product descriptions, special promotions and cross-departmental advertising can be easily presented to the customer. At the checkout, the interactive screen can be used for customer loyalty programmes and prize competitions, for example.

Additional digital signage applications to enhance the customer experience

  • Welcome display at the entrance
  • Social media display
  • Leading product display
  • Amusing facts
  • Announcements for loyalty programmes
  • Promotions and product advertising

Product details and prices

Product details and prices

Our signboards are great for displaying product details and prices, and are so cost-effective that you can fit them throughout your shop. Using motion sensors and interactive buttons, our signboards directly support sales promotions for all your products. Cloud-based connections allow you to instantly update prices and link the screens to the till. Promoting flash sales or time-of-day pricing is also straightforward and immediately feasible with signboards from