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Digital signage at the point of sale (PoS): Modern screen advertising in the retail trade

Whether indoors or outdoors, digital stands and displays are ideal for attracting additional customers to salesrooms, restaurants or cafés. But digital signage is also a quick and easy way to get event information out to the public. This is especially true for the retail sector: it is not without reason that digital signage solutions are becoming increasingly popular at the point of sale.

Weatherproof, robust and innovative: digital signage for the point of sale

With digital customer stoppers suitable for outdoor use, it is easy to attract walk-in customers and "lure" them into the store. At the point of sale, digital signage is therefore an effective way to increase your own sales. This is because modern, digital displays (digital customer stoppers) automatically attract the attention of passers-by.

Thanks to large, bright displays with extra high luminosity, you can ideally stage your advertising message. Of course, digital signage solutions for the point of sale can also be used indoors. Combine texts and images with videos and animations! This way, your message comes across much better than it did with conventional billboards.

Due to the robust safety glass, digital and weatherproof, customer stoppers can also tolerate the one or other jostle. The heavy base ensures a secure stand, but is easily movable if necessary thanks to rollers. Since the screens are protected against dust and water, they can also be used in unfavorable weather conditions. The high flexibility makes the devices so practical: thanks to battery operation, neither cabling nor fixed mounting is necessary. So you can place such a stopper on any free floor space.


True all-rounders: modern digital signage systems at the point of sale

Digital signage offers an incredible wealth of practical new uses. Today we find interactive displays in hotels, as waiting room TV or as a digital bulletin board in a public authority. But digital signage is now also used in retail, at the point of sale. Digital displays and other digital signage solutions can be found in pedestrian zones or shopping malls, for example. Digital customer stoppers for outdoor use are also weatherproof and can therefore be used regardless of the season:

  • Do long lines regularly form at your event or in your store? A digital customer stopper can entertain your guests while they wait in line or inform them about other products and services. Since the devices can be positioned flexibly, they can be moved in just a few steps and virtually follow the visits.
  • Digital customer stoppers are also suitable for controlling visitor flows, ideally in combination with digital admission control.
  • Customer acquisition at the point of sale is particularly successful if you combine several digital signage elements: Appealing outdoor steles attract the attention of walk-in customers. As a result, they decide to enter the building. On a digital info board, your (potential) customers can find all the important information about your products, thanks to the touch function. Digital shelf labels also help them find the ideal offer. In the catering sector, a digital menu board can also help customers select the right dish. Once the order has been placed, a video wall shortens the waiting time. Similar to the waiting room TV in a doctor's office.
  • But that's not all! Digital signage at the point of sale also works at the sales counter: bring your sales counter displays to life with the 10-inch screens from Product descriptions, special promotions and cross-departmental advertising can be easily presented to customers. At the checkout, for example, the interactive screen can be used for customer loyalty programs and prize competitions.

Delighting customers - with digital signage at the point of sale

With a digital customer stopper, whether outdoor or indoor, you kill several birds with one stone: You immediately attract the attention of passers-by. On the other hand, the use of digital signage at the point of sale is a proven strategy to simplify sales processes. Your customers will be delighted with the quality of your advertising messages! In addition, all images, videos and texts can be managed completely centrally and independent of location. Very easy, with our cloud-based digital signage software. This allows for easy and quick customization of the content, which is then sent to the appropriate digital signage player.

To fully exploit the potential of digital signage at the point of sale, you should get support. Here, it is advisable to work with a digital signage agency. is the leading provider for digital signage solutions of any size.


High performance meets high quality

Our Smart Player 4K Cloud leaves nothing to be desired: Your content is scaled to any video wall solution in Ultra HD 4K quality!

When you choose one at, you also get a free 3-year Digital Signage Cloud Starter CMS connection.

  • Absolutely smooth 4K product videos

  • Animated HTML5 advertisement

  • Data-driven special promotions

  • Social media in real time

Marketing on the sales counter

Power-over-Ethernet Web Signboard

Bring your sales counter displays to life with the 10-inch screens from Product descriptions, special promotions and cross-departmental advertising can be easily presented to the customer. At the checkout, the interactive screen can be used for customer loyalty programmes and prize competitions, for example.

Additional digital signage applications to enhance the customer experience

  • Welcome display at the entrance
  • Social media display
  • Leading product display
  • Amusing facts
  • Announcements for loyalty programmes
  • Promotions and product advertising

Product details and prices

Product details and prices

Our signboards are great for displaying product details and prices, and are so cost-effective that you can fit them throughout your shop. Using motion sensors and interactive buttons, our signboards directly support sales promotions for all your products. Cloud-based connections allow you to instantly update prices and link the screens to the till. Promoting flash sales or time-of-day pricing is also straightforward and immediately feasible with signboards from

Digital Signage complete solution from the market leader

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